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I am very excited.

You can now find me at

I am still learning…and tinkering…but very excited!

See you there ūüôā

Some Recent Pics


The babies and I took a long hike this morning because when woke up all the trees were covered in ice.  It was a real-life Winter Wonderland.  This is only about 200 yards from my house.  It is strange to me, but the sky in Colorado is so much bluer than the skies back East.  It is delightful.

( This was taken mid-morning so the sun was very bright. ¬†I had the sun almost directly behind me and used my 50mm at f/5 and ISO 100. ¬†I can’t take credit for the pretty tree and blue sky…cause even my fun camera can’t make that up.)



Jackson ¬†simply HAD to have this Grinch ornament, and it has become a favorite. ¬†I admit to needing help with maintaining the Christmas spirit for the whole holiday season. ¬†Between buying presents and the crowds and tempting foods, I can grow weary. ¬†But this little ornament makes me smile. ¬†Partly because I have always loved the Grinch’s outfit, it cracks me up. ¬†And partly because listening to J explain the plot of the story is the cutest thing in the world.



and then, she {snapped}




My mother is pretty much the best Grammy around. ¬†She loves her grandbabies “more than cupcakes” as J says, and spends a good deal of time making sure they have everything they want/need/desire. ¬†My little ones adore her and ask me daily if she can come visit in CO. ¬†A only sleeps on the right side of her bed, because she is “saving some room” in case Grammy comes over.

Hanna Anderson is a Swedish clothing store for children and adults and is home to some of the most adorable clothes.  Their clothes are simple and colorful and last forever.

The combination of these two make pictures like these possible. ūüôā

My kids always act like this, don’t yours? ¬†I do really love how peaceful they both look. ¬†J has always been his sister’s biggest snuggler.

He loves her so very much. ¬†It really is amazing to me sometimes. ¬†Because you can’t really teach that, he just loves her.

I love this picture. ¬†I think I will call it “Joy and Sadness”. ¬† A is in a mothering stage, and Frances is the baby. ¬†Frances does not want to be the baby, or be on a hike. ¬†She wants to be asleep on a comfy blanket. ¬†Poor doggie staring off with her defeated gaze.

So, again, thanks to Grammy for being you and for being awesome.

I have more from this group, trying to have some self-control until they are all edited. ¬†ūüôā

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Reason for the Season

Well it has been awhile since I have been blogging.  The move kept us busy for a while, and with Christmas upon us I have been pretty occupied!

I am not really inclined to do a big review of what has been going on — because that would bore you all to tears. ¬†We have been unpacking, exploring Colorado Springs and getting ready for the man in the red suit. ¬† The children are very excited, and ask almost hourly when Santa will be here. Does he know our new address? ¬† Do I think they will make the nice list?

I have attempted to train, guide,¬†persuade¬†them that Christmas ( or any holiday) is not a time of reckless greed and mile-long manifestos. ¬†That we should think of others and their wants, desires and mile-long manifestos and be thoughtful. ¬†They enjoy my allegories, and listen intently. ¬†Then tell me ¬†they need to go on and look at stuff. ¬†That’s right. ¬†They say w w w . amazon . com ¬†— and they are 4 and 3. ¬† And while I try to model behavior that is productive, I can not claim to succeed with consistency. ¬†Because I starting seeing things, too. ¬†Wonderful things. ¬†Like new computers and camera lenses. ¬†Oh the lenses! ¬†And camera bags that look like purses! ¬†And then we all sort of lose focus and head to the kitchen and bake something.

And while baking today, I was thinking about what really makes this season “most wonderful.” ¬† And the thing that really occurred to me, speaking on a very basic level, is¬†gingerbread man¬†shaped waffles.


That’s right. ¬†Waffles.

What other time of year do you cut waffles into shapes?  What other time of year do you sit your two pre-school age children down and make homemade wrapping paper?  With paints!

It is all these things.  The waffles, the baking and even the time sitting on together that make this season so special.

And I really do think that this magical time is being spoiled by stores putting stuff out in October… because the stamina required to

create this magic can not be maintained over 12 weeks!

Like cutting sponges into stars and trees.

And then practicing the painting.

And doing the painting.

And cleaning up ¬†the painting…which is why there is no actual photos of completed homemade wrapping paper.

And even shopping in long lines to buy a gift for someone who may get overlooked at times.  I am glad we settled enough in the house to do these fun extras.

And even if the children don’t remember them or can’t stop fixating on the toys, I know I will.


** G is busy at work designing my new blog!! I want to put the link up so badly, because he did great.  But alas, he says it will ruin the presentation.  But soon!!!!**

Wee Bit

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?

No! But we did get a free tree from FedEx’s Trees for Troops! ¬†It is beautiful, and took about 2 minutes to go pick up. ¬†A complete win.

{two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?

I love driving around looking at lights, and all the baking!

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?

As a little one, we BEGGED my Dad to let us open one. ¬†He would make us write up contracts, and sign them to secure a present. ¬†Which was almost always a book, PJ’s or a calendar. ¬†Not sure what we are going to do with our little people yet.

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?

I think around 7.  It was a bit of a relief.  This city girl was not OK with the idea of a man breaking and entering.

{five} do you fill stockings?

I have not done a ton of that yet, but will this year.

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?

Mainly store bought…but if Etsy counts, then we will have lots of handmade gifts going out this year.

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?

My mothers cheese potatoes… heavenly.

{eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?

It is real and full and wonderful this year.  We usually had real trees growing up, and the smell makes it all worthwhile.

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?

O Come All Ye Faithful or Jesus, What a Wonderful Child

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?

No, but I have not given up yet! The move has me behind, but I will catch up!






SOOC…. I love this one, and when my computer resuscitates I will do some processing.

When I get overwhelmed, and my brain feels full, there is only one good solution.

Writing in list-form, and here it goes.

1. ¬†The Blog-frey’s have landed in Colorado Springs, and are loving our new home.

2. ¬†No… it hasn’t snowed. ¬†It has, however, snowed at Fort Gordon where we just left in GEORGIA. ¬†Whatever, let’s keep this positive.

3.  It is BEAUTIFUL here.  My backyard looks over the golf course, and we get to watch the sunset out my living room window.

4. ¬†We would get to do that if we could sit down for 12 seconds. ¬†Which we don’t get to do just yet.

5. ¬†All that running around and activity has oddly placed 6 lbs on my body, I don’t get it either.

6. ¬†Unintentional animal spottings are numerous and very exciting. ¬†Coyotes live near the post hospital, and wander freely. ¬† They are¬†mange coyotes, which I learned is more of a disease than a criticism. ¬†I also saw a ton of girl deer, and a large boy deer. ¬†Still waiting on elk, moose and maybe a bear. ¬†Luckily, there is a zoo up the road to fill in the gaps. ūüôā

7.  Moving is a large task.  Moving with children is an even larger task.  Moving with children during Christmas is a monumentally large task.  Moving with children during Christmas when you are painfully neurotic about producing holiday magic is a near death experience.

8.  I love Chipotle.  I have heard the rumors of greatness, and it delivered.

9.  My husband has become an incredible asset in moves and home-creating.

10.  My children always have cuter rooms than I do, which according to some marriage book is not good.  Regardless, I am very pleased.

11.  I love Trees for Troops and the fabulous tree they donated to us, tied to our car and freshly cut.  We are very grateful for the money savings and convenience this year!

12.  Our home here  really feels like home, which is odd seeing as though we have lived here 10 days.

13.  The schools in town ( or lack of good options) caused a panic attack, but I have come back down and have some hope.




** Updated once I stole G’s computer.**

I stole G’s computer to reassure myself that it was my aging computer, and not my memory card. ¬†This did not allow for any editing…but I feel better, anyway.

15. ¬†I will be back to blogging more when my computer submits to my will and allows me to get my pictures. So until then… ¬†the Blog-frey’s are happy, healthy and ready for Santa!




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Wee Bit from the MIA

{one} if you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

Hmmm.. I just have such a hard time avoiding cliches on this one. ¬†So here goes it…

One… that everyone in the world would go to bed with a full belly and lots of good water to drink.

Two… that my babies would grow up happy and healthy.

Three… that my metabolism would rival that of a marathon runner. ūüôā

{two} who is your favorite author?

Tough one… maybe it’s Christmas approaching..but Dickens comes to mind.

{three} what crowd were you involved in during high school?

Like most things, I have a hard time committing. ¬†So I was a bit of a crowd hopper. ¬†I never did the “best friend” thing either.

{four} what is your favorite thing to do when you have time to yourself?

Whatever I want to do at that minute.  A novelty once you have children.

{five} do you have any hidden talents?

I consider myself to have a wealth of talents, that are yet to be discovered. ūüôā

{six} can you fake any accents?

I can fake any accent poorly.

{seven} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?

I think so.  But I almost hope not.

{eight} have you ever been arrested?

Whoa, thought those documents were sealed.

{nine} what is your favorite job you’ve had?

I think my favorite job was teaching, though I might not have said that coming home from school most days. ¬†I think it would have been my favorite had the following situations not been present: morning sickness and snack time, pregnancy, minimum wage salaries, another round of morning sickness, another pregnancy, two under 2 year olds at home, etc…

{ten} do you have any scars?

Yes, I was nicknamed ” The Emergency Room Queen” at a young age.

1,381 Miles


Which isn’t nearly as catchy as 525,600( I think) minutes from Rent… but does accurately catalog our journey West. I took a bunch of pictures, while driving. ¬†I mean, actually driving… so please forgive the quality. ¬†I also have no way to edit these pictures, or the mental capacity to even undertake such a task..I also have a funny comment for each picture, but it is midnight( as G just reminded me) and we have 20 feet of trailer to unload tomorrow….. Enough with the excuses….

The Blog-freys Go West

( Minus the Little People, who are partying it up with Grammy and Bampy)




*** WE are in Colorado!!!! Pics are soon to come.  We sign our house lease tomorrow morning, and will spend all of tomorrow moving in.  I hope to be back and running in the next few days.  The highlights are: extreme beauty, way too much food, seeing old friends, and all the fun possibilities in the next few years!!! ***


{one} if you were going to a remote place and could only bring one CD, what would it be?

Hmmm… I am not good at limiting myself. ¬†But, I think that I could get by with a great soundtrack. ¬†Which one, I simply do not know. ¬†I rather love the PS I Love You track though.

{two} are you generally more of an optimist, pessimist, or realist?

I don’t actually think people can honestly answer this about themselves, mainly because each “title” has a bit of a stigma attached. ¬†I don’t want to say I am a head-in-the-clouds optimist, or a Debby-downer pessimist.. and honestly, a realist just seems to be a bit bland. ¬†But, if I had to pick, I would say realist.

{three} have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? if not, would you?

No, I would not. NO, you should not. NO, I will not.

However, that being said, I sort of admire the audacity of both traveller and transporter.  And in a perfect world, I think it would be a great kindness, and chance to experience different people.  But, if you knew my mother, you would know that she dedicated her life to ensuring I would not do such things, the world is full of creeps after all.

{four} what spice or seasoning is your favorite?


And since it’s the season of decadence, let’s say Cinnamon Sugar….. delightful.

{five} what’s your birthstone? do you like it?

June…the pearl.


{six} do you know what your name means?

Brittany= Being from Brittany (France)… my whole¬†existence¬†is a lie.

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I am not a cereal eater.  I will eat it dry, but will not ever eat with milk.  To munch on, I prefer Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

{eight} if there was an extra hour in each day, what would you spend it doing?

Probably much of the same, though I like to think that I would work out or read more.

{nine} if you could turn any book into a movie, which would it be?

The Little Prince… is this a movie? If so, I have not had the¬†privilege.

{ten} if you could go back and play out one day of your life to watch (like scrooge), what day would it be?

I think it would be the day I had my babies. ¬†You want to be so present, but frankly, delivering a baby doesn’t allow for such perspective. ¬†I would love to have seen it all, I didn’t have many pictures of me and the brand new babe, so it would be a great memory.

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Hello…Wee Bit

*** I will return to the world of blogging in the next week or so… We are currently in Phase 2 of the Great Move of 2010… We are officially out of Georgia, and in Florida visiting family for the holiday. G and I will be making our 3 day journey West starting Sunday!! We sign our lease on December 3rd, and will be back in the swing of things!

I am still sane… and having a nice visit… people keep talking about Christmas…and I don’t understand… I thought everyone knew we were moving. ¬†And thus, everything( including time) should halt until we have more time.

{one} what kind of camera do you have?

A Canon 50d… and I love it. ¬†I need to name it.

{two} you just won $1000 and you have to spend it on yourself on one item. what do you buy?

Hmm… I think I might buy an Ipad… or a new laptop… or a new lens.

{three} if you had to choose, would you rather live with your parents in the same house forever or 5000 miles away?

Oh dear… I would say…since I am married and have two kids and each of those relationships require my complete attention… I would opt for 5000 miles. ¬†But I am also secure in knowing that my parents would be in constant communication, and would visit often.

{four} is your christmas tree up yet?

Not yet… we need to get in our house first.

{five} do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store?

No..but I plan on it…and can’t resist buying them whenever the chance is available.

{six} which would be worse: listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or having to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life?

I think both would be equally annoying..since both are needed to agree with the mood of the day…but the food thing could get really bad.

{seven} name 3 things you are thankful for this season.

I am thankful for family, healthy children and a world of possibilities.

{eight} do you dye/highlight your hair? if so, do you do it yourself or have it done at the salon?

Yes…only at a salon… I am not a risk taker. ūüôā I probably only have it highlighted once a year though… but have a strong desire to dye it dark brown with a hint of red… not sure if I am brave enough.

{nine} would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater?

A theater… I love going to the movies…shows…theater… I just love going out.

{ten} would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million all at once?

1000 a week.  That way I could indulge regularly, but not lose my mind. And it would be like winning every week!