conversationIt seems so appropriate, even respectable, to start a blog with some clear guidelines. I imagine you are curious about what type of blog may be starting here.

Let me first say how much I wish it was going to be a crafty blog, they are my personal favorite. But  I am not really all that crafty, and when I am crafty, I can rarely explain how I completed my masterpiece. So crafty blogging is out.

Next, I wish it was going to be a blog full of adorable stories and pictures of my children ( who are adorable). But, it seems when I put them to bed and have a chance to sit here and type, I am ready to move on to other things. However, do check back for kids pictures, as I won’t always be able to resist. 

So, I will try to remember those moments in the day when I see something that strikes me, or hear something wonderful. Maybe a thought I can’t get out of my head– which seem countless.  

I want my blog to be a conversation…. all the words… that were lost in chasing children, in overbooked schedules, in the fact that I may not even know you yet, or live near you. 

So when I find a quote, book, poem, song, picture, movie or story that makes me think…. it will come your way.

And I always have questions… and maybe you have the answers.


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