Today was a good day…. mostly.

Today in history Mattel and Fisher Price merged(1995),  Ronald Reagan was nominated for president ( 1984), “My Sharona” hits #1 (1979), Hitler was elected Fuhrer( 1934), Indianapolis 500 track opens( 1909), Benjamin Baker publishes first almanac ( 1791), King James I censors Hebrew ( 1263)……and I had a job interview.


3 responses to “Today was a good day…. mostly.

  • Brieanna

    hehe I love your blog! This post made me laught. How did the job interview go?

    • Brittany Godfrey

      It went well, they called my back for another one today!! Soo.. I guess this is good news. How are you doing? I love your blog too! It’s sort of this mental release for me….wonderful.

      • Brieanna

        Good for you I hope it goes well!! Blogging is so fun. I am way too addicted to numerous blogs, but I figure hey, there could be worse things to be addicted to 🙂

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