Sorry for the slacking.

Today was a big day!!

Jackson and Abigayle loaded up two tacky and very commercial backpacks, and two lunch boxes and headed off to Pre-school. Pre-school, which is commonly referred to as High School around these parts. They did beautifully, and told me 2 stories and sang songs on our walk tonight. Abigayle says her teacher is “so nice and knows the ABC song”, Jackson says he “spilled his fruit cup juice, but his teacher knows Spiderman.” It is well.

I also started my first day of work! It was an interesting day to say the least. I would love to write a novel that only covers my first day. It will never mention the position, the location or the type of work– it wouldn’t have to. 

Do you ever have moments where you feel you are walking in slow motion? Trees are swaying, leaving a blur behind them? The people walking around you are silent? You don’t remember how you opened doors or found your seat, you just did. The details are less important than the feeling.  A feeling that bombards your senses and the oxygen you breathe, that is unavoidable.

This is how I felt, standing on the sunny white wall having my ID card picture taken looking at the 14 others who would join me on this journey.  I stood there wondering if they felt it too, the heaviness.

 This air is different from my recent job experiences, that circulated an invasive breeze.  The old  was a bit more inviting to breathe ( at first), carefully scented and temperature controlled.  It was flavored with delicious breads and jams, and happy to take up residence in your body.  

  But alas, my new job offers a chance at something different. This breathe does not hide itself, or disguise itself, or fool itself. It knows its place, its function and its purpose.  It is not cheerful or sweet, but it keeps my body going.  I breathed in this uninfectious breeze  for another 8 hours, and left with a new appreciation for the air outside. And this, my faithful readers, is better than a paycheck.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

Tomorrow is day two….

On other news, despite my  new job, I have ANOTHER job interview Thursday. This interview brings me great happiness and much hope.   And word has it, another interview like it is right behind it….

Also, it would be kind and good to mention that my husband caught a very large pig tonight. Correction, killed.  It was huge apparently. My vision of this includes a camo clothed man stalking the beast with bow and arrow, war paint melting.  The pig, err hog, putting up a good fight. Maybe some squealing, trash talk.  My vision ends like a game of Risk, war resolved- pieces put away- and no one bleeding.  You will have to ask him if this is the case, I don’t want to know the truth.


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