Need to get moving….


Ever had so much to do, you do nothing?

Make list after list, and never start?

This is where I am…. our family has quite a few changes coming in the approaching months.  In fact, in one month! Greg has joined the Army, and will be headed out..err shipping out on November 16th. He will spend the next few months in Fort Sill, OK while in Basic Training. Oklahoma!  A fine musical, but not the most exciting of options. He will be there ( with the exceptions of a few weeks at Christmas) until February, when he will get to be a bit closer to home at Fort Benning, GA- the spot of his Officer Training Class.  And from there… who knows! And we say that happily, who knows! We are both very excited for the adventure ahead, and are quite optimistic. We have requested an equal number of foreign and American bases– Greg dreaming of the Colorado bases and the German bases near the Alps ( snowboarding galore).   While I am mainly excited with the moving, which is very strange to some- so when I am not posting these thoughts on the world wide web, I keep them to myself. Growing up, we moved often. Our longest stay was in NYC  from age 2-10…. then to CA, DC and back to NYC for another few years. I love moving. I love meeting all types of people, I love learning new cities and finding new favorites.  It is quite an undertaking to pack a house and get everything ready- but once I gain some momentum it will come together. I also love moving boxes, and the wrapping paper and those fun devices for taping boxes. My house will be streamlined and simplified, which is a beautiful byproduct of this experience. I like to think the same is true of the people who move. Every few years you have to take inventory, decide whats important, and pack it up or give it to Goodwill. 

More details on this great adventure are still to come….

There will be a great void in our home in the coming months, the kiddos will have to settle with just me.  I do not go “WEE” in the towel after bathtime, wrestle, chase, toss or play the same as Daddy. But they will be reminded often that Daddy is gone to take care of them. Luckily Greg was able to go in Nov., which means he will get to come home for Christmas- for 17 days! This is a huge thing, most folks have to go to 10 solid weeks, and he will come home after 5. Then the kiddos and I will load up in January, and then again in February, to Fort Sill to see him on weekends. I can’t wait to see if everything is in fact ” up to date in Kansas City”, because from hotel shopping, it does not appear to be the case.

What a life, huh?

I don’t want to spend Greg’s last few weeks with us at home stressed and packing and running around. We have some fun stuff lined up, and are enjoying some family time.

So… there it is! All my lists, and plans, and online research are sort of stalled at the moment. But we are excited.


2 responses to “Need to get moving….

  • Heather

    I am so excited for y’all! What an adventure!! Oklahoma!! WOW:) I’m excited y’all will at least be in GA!! I’ll be praying for you and the kiddos to adjust to all the changes well..and for the grandparents as well!

    • Brittany Godfrey

      Thanks!! yes… OK is not at all exciting to me, but it’s just for a few weeks ( hopefully). And yes, me and the kiddos will be coming up to GA often to visit him in his OCS class, and would LOVE to hang out! I won’t be working as often, which will make things easier! Take care girlie, we will chat soon!

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