A question:

Yesterday we took my brother to the Emergency Room.  His shoulder had been hurting for a few days, and we thought maybe it had slipped out of joint or some such problem.  However, upon X-ray we have realized that the ball of the humerus, the very top of the arm, has shattered into a hundred pieces.  Which is both horrible and crazy at the same time.  Why hadn’t he been complaining more? Where was the shrieking crazy pain that would have resulted from me  acquiring such an injury.  He meets with the Dr to check on his arm, and to decide the proper course of action.  It appears that a total replacement of the portion of the arm may be in order, and the head of our local hospital does not feel up to that job, and has referred him to another surgeon.  So do be thinking of Jon in the next few weeks, as he will be going under the knife again.

This comes with one question.  Greg graduates from Basic Training on the 17th— WOOT!!! I had planned on leaving the children with my mom ( who is now going to be otherwise occupied) and watching graduation and then taking Greg back with me to Pensacola.  This is no longer going to work.  I am left with two choices.  #1-  Buy $700 in tickets for my little ones to join me.  #2 Cancel mine and Greg’s ticket and take the road trip I had mapped out.  For the folks that need a lot of info out there ( I am one of these) ….. My road trip is 2000 miles round trip… I would stop in Louisiana, Texas ( my brothers family) , and then on to Oklahoma.  Same goes for the reverse.  Soooo…. what do you think? I would need to begin the road trip next Wednesday sometime!


2 responses to “A question:

  • Heather

    Honestly? I’ve done big roadtrips like that with my kids, and they’re do-able but if you want to enjoy Greg at all I’d suggest forking out the cash (if you have it) and conserve your time and energy.

    Sorry to hear about your brother – I’ll be thinking good thoughts for him!

    • Brittany Godfrey

      Thanks Heather! It appears that one flight we are on is sold out, and if we change the flight it will cost 75 a piece for me and Greg…. good times! I think the road trip may be inevitable, but luckily G will be with us on the return route. Me and the kiddos are moving up to Fort Benning here shortly, crazy times!

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