I prefer to get up early and stay up late

The process of having children solidified my belief that sleep is somewhat optional. Midnight nursing sessions watching re-runs of Sex and the City, and 3 am nursing sessions watching the latest infomercial were not as punishing on my body as I had feared. In fact, the solitude of the night and the quiet of the house were quite peaceful – and thankfully, my children only made food calls at such hours. We rarely had episodes of crying or extended awake times in the middle of the night. We watched TV, and talked about the latest happenings with the girls from SATC ( wonder what sort of impression this left on Jackson). And staying up late was not a new-to-motherhood switch, I have always been a bit of a night owl. I read, explore online, watch movies, take longer showers… write blogs about it.

Waking up doesn't pose huge problems. In the new days of having babies, there were certainly some mornings this was NOT true. Crying, whining and pleas for help ( from me, not the child) did frequent our house.

But, once I am up– I am up….and I am very ready to get going with the day. Milling about the house in the morning is torturous to me, and I am usually happy to jump up and get moving.

So what am I? A morning person or a night owl? Can you be both?


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