Your favorite summer memories…..

Growing up I was always complaining about my families holiday behavior.  The more activity, the better, in my opinion – and my family never seemed to jump on board.  We spent the greater part of 15 years in New York City, and I can only remember a handful of  New-Year’s-Eves in Times Square and an equal number of Thanksgiving Day parades in front of Macy’s.  But when we did go, it was perfection.

After having my own children ( in rapid succession), I have gained some valuable insight into why my parents might not have wanted to chase 3 children around Times Square in 30 degree weather, or sit at a rainy parade with less-than-interested people in tow.  But none the less, every holiday ( big or small) comes with a undeniable expectation of greatness.  The Fourth of July is no different.  After all, its BBQ’s and fireworks, and everything that is summertime.

Expections…. those tricky little guys….

They inspire some of life’s greatest highs…. and lowest lows.

A glimpse into my mind may look like this….

” Brittany!! Wooohoooo….a  lake for the weekend!! Laying out on the docks, reading your Kindle, watermelon, games, hours spent rocking on the deck thinking about life, soaking in the breeze……”

And sadly, I am 30 now… so my experiences thus far in life, mixed with my constant view of reality make these pesky expectations hard to hear anymore.  Instead, I hear the more cautionary tale of the expectations-gone-bad.

” Brittany!  You are going to sweat for hours, chase your whining children around a lake, no naps, no time to yourself, wasps!, lake swimming with mocassins, sweat, sunscreen application…..”

This mental battle creates an irritable demeanor when packing, and a possible break-down or two before arrival- but in my own way, I think I have mentally prepared myself for what might lie ahead.  ( yes, I am that fun to live with)

However, have gone and gotten back, I can decidedly say that is was a good  time with family.  And while some of  my expectations were not met, and some of my expectations-gone- bad were met…. it was a nice 4th of July.

Anybody else have some fun memories of the 4th? Or, more importantly, does anyone else have such a terrible time aligning expectations with reality?

And…. I got to take my new camera…. and that made it all the more fun for me.

Pics coming soon…. I have to make sure my sis-in-law is OK with her preggo belly making their blogging debut.

Until then.... Abby doing her impersonation.


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