What do you do when it’s this hot??

The babies went to pre-school today, which is a delightful.  G didn’t have to work, so we both tinkered around the house and enjoyed the silence.  Oh wait! First we went to breakfast together! We debated playing a round of golf, because we could( but once glance at the temp outside explains our choice against that.) Or going to see Grown-Ups, but the times wouldn’t work.  So instead we headed home, and  I installed Lightroom on my laptop. Which is certain to  provide me a good challenge, and a constant diversion from housework.  We both sat at our laptops,and clicked away…without interruption.  It was divine.  We were so immersed in our laptops, we didn’t even eat lunch.  Just reveled in our freedom to do as we please, for 3 hours!!!

When we went and got the babies, after those lightning fast 3 hours, we decided that since it was 104 degrees a movie theater trip was in order.  We saw Toy Story 3….not 3d… I can’t imagine wrestling those glasses on and off my children.  It was really cute, but a bit scarier than I would have wanted for the little people’s ages.

I remember being younger ( and not-so-younger) and thinking everything was alive.  In fact, I am certain that the front of most cars have personalities and will not permit the kiddies picking out  toy clowns.  So it was comforting to watch a movie that confirmed all my suspicions, and loved that J made me dig out his Buzz Lightyear from a year or so back to go to sleep with tonight.  I really think the creators of those movies are insanely clever… and noticed that G and I had more laughs than our children.  ( I mean ” FAO my Shwartz?!?! that’s hilarious).

So we sat for a few hours…. well we sat and took Abby on 3 bathroom trips.  Then, despite those trips, there was a problem.  A problem that was fairly easily contained, but left my little girl in a movie theater in only her underwear ( err..panties).  

Oh well… a good time was had by all.  Including the Rave, who feels comfortable charging parents and their 2 YOUNG children $30 just to get tickets for a MATINEE !! Unreal.  And yes, we got popcorn… so obviously we spent more than a nice steak dinner would cost us.  In fact, I think if we wait a few months we could buy Toy Story 3 three times.  Which is clearly a fiscally responsible decision, but does not include buttery movie theater popcorn, so that’s out.

What do you guys do with kids, or yourselves, in this kind of heat?  It is only July, and I am out of ideas.


One response to “What do you do when it’s this hot??

  • Karen Jolly

    Find a swimming pool and dive in! I can’t imagine being outside without having water involved. So splashpad, public pool, lake, whatever has water works for me!

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