A great weekend….

G’s surprise weekend in Atlanta was great! We arrive in Atlanta around 3 pm….at which point I finally knew where we were going! G kept the secret up the entire ride from Augusta, which shows enormous perserverance on his part- as both the kiddos and I were harassing him continually.

We settled into our lovely 20th floor room at the downtown Hilton, and the little people ( and me and G) were happy to sit and stare out our window.  Abby said she had never seen this many cars in ” her whole life!!” and Jackson was happy to watch the guys playing basketball on the 3rd floor roof.  And after a few pictures and some snacks, we were off to the World of Coca Cola.  It was seriously impressive. We taste-tested CC’s products from a bunch of different countries, even the famous Beverly of Italy… which is perhaps the only ugly thing in Italy.  I am now further convinced of Coke’s world domination, and feel an even greater loyalty to them and their product.  Followed was a tasty meal at Johnny Rockets, and a walk around the Centennial Olympic Park.

Two straws was her milkshake minimum.

We went back to our room and crashed, excited about our 9am trip to the aquarium.  I wish I could convince myself that the kids were more excited than G and I, but I am not sure this is true.  I love an aquarium, and this one was fantastic.  I even braved up and touched the nasty stingray!  We walked and gawked and saw everything we could possibly see, along with 1/3 of the city of Atlanta, it was lovely. It posed some interesting photographic challenges…. low light, bright tanks, only getting the backs of peoples heads…. they will be in the Flickr pool later ( per problem below). After the museum, we took a nap, swam and headed to the Varsity for dinner.  Sunday was the zoo, which was another great day ( enough so, that it will get it’s own post! later…).  I am getting annoying with how often I am saying great.  But fabulous just doesn’t suit me ( even when I wish it did) and fantastic reminds me of a kindergarten art project. So great is it.  But, seriosly,  it was…great!  I have to say that G outdid himself.  It was a fantastic trip!  More pics soon….


I feel ill….


I am sick to my stomach….then not.  Then again, then not. This bug seems to be settled by bagels with butter, which is not even close to being a sacrifice.  I eat each bite and imagine all those little bug molecules being absorbed by the carby goodness being offered them.    Then an hour later, feeling yuck again…  Then ….well you get the picture.  This bug …which is probably from touching that stingray, or being amongst the people for 3 days, or swimming in a public pool, or eating the Varsity, or any number of other vacation-like behaviors.

Any remedies for the crud? Ginger Ale ? More bagels? Starving a bug/feeding a bug?

coming next week: how to lose the weight after the carb-demanding bug…..


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