I am utterly undomesticated. I do not completely take pride in this fact, but I also don’t find it very shameful either.  I blame my mother ( who would say that’s what people always do).  She would punish us with cleaning toilets and cleaning house, it stuck, I still thinks its punishment.  Cruel and unusual punishment.  To labor all day, and have nothing to show for your work– bleh

So…my resume…

I do not like to decorate, in fact, G is much better at this. Bare walls aren’t my favorite, but definitely could stand it for … hmmm…. a long time.

I do not like to cook, again, G is much better at this ( though he doesn’t often practice this skill).  On the plus side, I love to eat– though people may think I am a bit picky.

I am not a very organized person – especially not organized enough for 4 people.  Though, I really like order!  I can definitely follow a good system.

I do not like to hang clothes…. AT ALL.  This goes back almost 3 decades… I don’t think it can be resolved.  Should have conducted some premarital surveys…because G also HATES to hang/fold clothes.

I would much prefer to take the kids in the backyard and attempt a umbrella shoot…. this does not get the house clean either.

Hmmm….  I need help.  I would say professional cleaning help, but my husband and budget would disagree.

So…. help me, please.

Where do you start cleaning?  Cleaning schedule weekly?

Do you get tired of being in the house all day? The kiddos and I rarely stay home, which is excellent at avoiding work, but not for getting it done.

Cleaning products? How long does it take?

I need details.  Like, how often is it required to clean a bathroom? And…. is it very possible to have all the laundry and dishes clean?

And recipes are appreciated, but I am rarely cooking anything that takes longer than 20 minutes.  I have considered doing a ” Fancy Friday” recipe…. but G and I are just not wired for such schedules.

Anyway…any help, advice, websites, amphetamines or wisdom would be appreciated.


2 responses to “House….

  • Heather

    If you procrastinate long enough, G will give in to a maid. Worked for me. yes, I would “clean”, but not to the standard of the hubs so he gave in, and no I never asked for one, and hired Leni! She was a gem. Then I found myself actually CLEANING before she got to the house, bc I didn’t want her to think I was a slob…haha! So, she last a few months, then I felt guilty, so now the downstairs is somewhat cleaned everyday, and the upstairs, not so much, but who goes up there anyways except us. And, both KJ and I DESPISE hanging up clothes…plus he has WAY TOO MANY. Sorry this doesn’t really help, but everyone knows I’m not good at housework, now yard work I LOVE.
    Good luck Chic!

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