My baby girl turns 3 in a few weeks…..

Abigayle turns 3 in just a few weeks….and we have lived in Augusta for just a few weeks.  This poses some party planning problems.  Party ideas? Well… party ideas for a little girl who lives in a new town and doesn’t have many playmates yet. Fun family activities? It will be her first day at K-3, so I guess I could bring some cupcakes and goodie bags.  Is this enough?

We have now been in Augusta over a month, and have 4 left…. and for those following… no we don’t have orders yet.  But, regardless, we will be moving in November….


7 responses to “My baby girl turns 3 in a few weeks…..

  • Karen Jolly

    Cupcakes and goody bags at school is perfect! Then take her out for dinner and have the waitstaff sing to her. Get her presents to give at dinner ( lots of them!) and make sure balloons are involved!

  • Christina Allen

    If you have a party on the weekend we could drive down there. Bam, 3 friends right there. My abigail won’t be able to do much, but Anna and Eliza love a good birthday party and would sing their little hearts out when it came time for Happy Birthday to you 🙂 Not to mention we would come with presents 🙂

  • Heather

    We had that same problem when we moved here..Keagen turned 5 two months after we moved. So we ordered a bounce house for the culd-e-sac, invited all of our new neighbors, some friends from FL came up and some people from Kyle’s work that had kids came, great way to introduce ourselves and get to know everyone. I know there is a cute movie coming out..just totally forgot name…something with Beezus in the title. But, no matter what you do, she’ll have fun! You could also take her to the American Girl Doll Atlanta.

  • life with kaishon

    Your daughter is very beautiful Brittany! What a sweetie! LOVED your I Heart Faces entry this week. What pretty processing. Very nice!

  • kelleyn

    She is adorable! Congratulations!

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