Says it all.

Just when I had given up…. G calls me at 8am ( when I was cleaning the house….er, sleeping) and I stumbled down the stairs to check his Army e-mail account ( he was at a Change of Command ceremony, and could not access the orders on his phone but knew they were in….torture.)  It takes about 10 minutes to get the computer up, and get through all the pages you have to click on…. and had I actually been awake, I would probably have been VERY nervous at this point.

And then we saw it— Fort Carson, Colorado.

And the people rejoiced.

So Good-Bye temperatures of 100 with 70%  humidity.  Good-bye “palmetto bugs” and phallic symbols hanging off of bumpers. Good-bye camera lens that won’t stop steaming up, and burning my hand on the steering wheel. Oh this is fun, I may be back with a whole list of things!

And Hello! Colorado Springs and a home for the next 3 years…. it’s mitten shopping time here.


One response to “COLORADO!!!!!!!

  • Christina Allen

    Yay, for Colorado! Very excited and quite jeaolous 🙂 We just might have to visit you out there. I think if you have a husband deployed you can fly anywhere for free…I will have to do more research on that. I might just have to plan a trip with the kiddo’s next spring/summer when John may be gone….

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