You too can….

…put your toddlers on bungee cords, and for $8.00 your child will be rocketed towards the mall ceiling at alarming speeds for 3 solid minutes (a  5 minute option is available for you high-rollers) .

This barbaric ritual is quite exhilarating to a small child.  Rumors indicate that my man-child could have been seen riding these cords of fun today in a Super Man cape ( they are obviously in the care of Bampy and Grammy).  Which I find embarrassing, and ingenious at the same time.

I have much to say about our travels… but can’t seem to take a minute away from photo editing to do so… I haven’t gushed lately, but I seriously love my new camera.  It is only a shame that I can not use it to take a picture of itself… maybe with mirrors….

Topics coming up:

1. Florida trip

2. Preschool Orientation

3. Abby turns 3

4. My Bucket List

5. Con’t reasons I will not miss the South ( saving this up for a very hot day, to get maximum impact)

Have a great night!

G and I are without kids….so on our Friday night– he fell asleep at 7pm on the couch ( ruck marches and combatives) and I sit watching Army Wives and editting….. party animals.


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