A good start…

This week has been hectic!

J and A had their first day of pre-school on Monday, which is an incredibly early start to the school year…but I am not complaining. I had attended orientation, and permanently marker-ed each individual crayon and we were on the way.

Arrival-  8:50 am

Bampy was along for the ride, and we had no tears at either classroom… success.

J has made some noises about not wanting to go to school anymore, after day 2.  I assume this is normal. I have taught 3 years of Kindergarten and it is amazing how different it is from the parenting side…. I thought I would do better.  But no.

I had issues with the way J’s teacher greeted us at the door, and rushed my baby who was earnestly trying to open his new cape-equipped backpack and “get his blue folder”.  I did not think I would be this way.  I thought more of myself.  Bampy did not like it either.

And I am so tired! But a brief glimpse of my mornings would look like this:

1. Wake up…don’t sleep through alarm

2. Shower…dress….make myself presentable

3.  Wake kids…..breakfast, clothes( J has a certain color shirt to wear each day), teeth, shoes, hair, backpacks, blue folders, remind them to EAT their breakfast, socks, make lunch, pack lunch, remember lunch, find keys, potty, potty for kids, make sure clothes have gotten on their bodies, check for shoes, grab wallet…. OK…we made it out of the house….

4. Drive to school, follow all drop off protocol ( as detailed in various hand outs), and make sure I appear calm and collected as I send my babies off to this foreign place.

Be back soon with pictures!


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