Abby Cadabby

Abigayle Lee turned 3 years old the other day, and we celebrated in full Princess style.  Princess balloons, cupcakes, plated, napkins and toys filled the house for our little lady.  Bampy and Grammy were able to be here, and fun was had by all.  Abby requested pizza for her birthday dinner, and ate 40 pieces of pepperoni and no pizza, but enjoyed herself.

My little baby girl is another year older, and even more precious than the day we brought her home. Or “Presh” as her Daddy used to call her.  And because I love lists, and think my brain works in lists… here are some things I don’t want to forget:

1.  You are called: Abby, Neecie, Zee Mama, Sissy, Sweetie Pie, Abby Cadabby and whatever else we can think up.

2.  You love princesses( with some leanings towards Snow White and Sleeping Beauty…and Belle and Cinderella), babies, swimming, , Strawberry Shortcake, make up, getting your nails done, singing, talking, teddy bears, Dora, Max and Ruby, cheese and chicken nuggets.

3.  You are smart,  charming, happy, funny, sweet, caring, silly, girlie, cuddly and sassy

4.  You are quite officious and enjoy things being done by the book, and happy to point out any deviations from protocol.

5.  You are so incredibly loved.

6.  From an early age you have not handled  being told “No” or being reprimanded well…see #4, you usually try to stick with the rules, and get very upset when caught deviating.

7.  You are impossibly cute, and have already begun to use this to your gain.

8.  You are incapable of sitting in time-out without talking or trying to work your way out.

9.  You will not be ignored.

10.  You are incredibly capable.  You learn quickly and are amazingly efficient for a little bitty thing.

11.  We call you Pokey, because in group, you are a sloooooowwwww walker.  Folks waiting on you is of no concern to you, this also applies to exiting the car in 107 degree heat…. you will not be rushed.

12.  You are brave, and are up to new challenges.

13.  You are shy when you first meet people, but this is very short-lived.

14.  You are not the most amazing at sharing, but are sweet spirited, and will concede if the other party ( usually your brother) cries or gets real upset.

15.  You are fiercely independent, and unless you feel like it, want little help.

16.  We look at you often, and can’t figure out how we have such a perfect little girl.

These babies grow up way too fast….


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