Job Description Needed….

It is Friday, which means both of my babies will be off to school in a few minutes, and I will have 4 hours of solitude.  And I find that my new-found freedom leaves me wondering….because wondering, after all, is better than doing dishes. 🙂

What do stay-at-home-moms with school-age children do?

Do you use this time to run errands that might be time-consuming with the little people on board?

Do you deep clean? Organize? Scrub baseboards?

Clean kids rooms while they are away?

Take some time for yourself? Read a book? Work on a hobby? Watch something other than Max and Ruby?

Go out with friends? Go to the mall? Find a nice coffee shop and be an adult?

I only have this complete freedom 3 times a week.  And it is only 4 hours, which feels like a real-time 45 minutes….But I am very curious about how women spend their days….

Help a sister out.


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