When will summer be over?

While summer is supposed to be coming to an end, Georgia is happily maintaining high humidity and temperatures consistently.  And having exhausted all the summertime activities, we are left searching for things to do.  But now we sit here ( G and I) asking the children what we can do tomorrow. Because, we are out of ideas, and another day in the house with two little people who are tired of being in the house is out-of-the-question.

( Brainstorming) We have a few things we would like to go do before we leave Augusta:

1. Zoo…not gonna happen in this heat. ( or after watching Instinct)

2. Savannah trip…. see excuse #1

3.  Parks… strolling the River Walk… obviously not gonna happen

So what to do?

All I do know is this…. it is a VERY good thing the schools in Georgia start so early, because it would be some kind of terrible to have to dream up stuff for the kids and I everyday. I have even started letting them play with play-doh in the house…..daily! This is an unequivocal sign of desperation, and near insanity. We have done crafts, school work, baked, cleaned,gone on random car trips, walked the mall, been to the library/bookstore, swam, sprinklered, playgrounded….etc…And we are out of options.

So,  for the good of the order, we must find something fun and enjoyable for all involved.

Sadly, as often the case in our house, the adults are equally challenging  to keep entertained….. and I don’t feel appropriate playing in the fountain downtown, while anybody is watching. 🙂

So if anyone can suggest some kid-free activities, recipes, crafts, stories….ANYTHING. We are all ears.


5 responses to “When will summer be over?

  • Christina Allen

    I wish we could help you. We have the same problem and we haven’t started preschool yet. I hope the weather will start changing soon…it is almost September…

  • Heather

    Go to Stone Mountain! We took the kiddos there last year, SO much fun! That’s the only idea I have…LOL!

  • Mom

    Melt crayons? Put play doh creation out to bake ? Is there children’s museum? Make an ABC book for each with magazine cut outs? I have Superman and Cinderella cartriges. Get old sheets and make a tent under the table. Come to FL and we will figure out something? I know it is desperate if you have resorted to play doh. Hey, put them in the tub ( no water, um I guess faucets could be a problem) anyway, with finger paint(washable). I know Abigayle would enjoy washing every single one of her toys with shampoo, she is so efficient:). Of course, you would have to watch but better than nothing (and air conditioned). We will pray for fall if we don’t drown first, we’ve had incredible amount of rain. Midnight bored also. We love you all.

  • Brittany Godfrey

    Stone Mountain sounds very fun… I wonder how far that is from here…..
    And Mother, look at you with all the ideas!
    An ABC book with magazines sounds delightful….. and practice with CUTTING! ( now for your extensive magazine collection)
    Yesterday they each got a rag and got to clean the floors, which oddly, they liked.
    Thanks…we will see you this weekend!

  • Heather

    Stone Mountain is about 45min south of us..so I think not too far from y’all! They have a cool lil amusement park there, we didn’t do that, but we did take the car thingy that goes up to the top of Stone Mountain, awesome views, and with your camera and expertise at picture taking, it would be beautiful! But, don’t hike down the mountain like we did, I thought it’d be “fun” to walk down it..not so much fun when you have three kids, and then we were 1mile away from where we were suppose to be when we reached the bottom! HA! Great “bonding” experience for sure! Then we watched the laser show/fireworks. Really cool!

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