Wordless Wednesday ( not at all)

It is what is on my mind.


Pre-schools galore. ( and actually ended up finding this fascinating homeschooling option at http://www.k12.com which sent me on an hour-long rabbit trail)

Houses… it appears I need our housing allowances to increase by about $350.00 to get the homes I would like.  C’mon Mr. President, it has a stacked stone fireplace!

Residence. G and I were excited to ditch our Florida residence and get some snazzy Colorado licenses…but alas, Florida is one of the only states with no income tax. Oh how I hate practicality sometimes.

Some potential schooling options for me!

Weather…which led me on another rabbit trail for winter fashions. ( more pics to come with my picks) Please keep your expectations in check, I am not-at-all fashionable but will need your help.

Churches… I found one with a photography group that was very exciting. ( less exciting was its 30 minute distance from where I will probably live.)

Downtown Colorado Springs….places to walk, eat, hang.

All in all I feel I accomplished a lot. Got names on wait lists, saw our names go back another 8 spaces on the housing wait list ( which is the only wait list that I have sat on for over a month and been farther behind than when I started…awesome) and feel like I understand the layout of the city a bit more.

Tomorrow starts the pack-up to go to Florida.  My sister-in-law was kind enough to have her baby last night, so our Labor Day trip is perfectly planned. We will head out and be holding that little man shortly.

It is never a good idea to hold a newborn baby for too long though, huh?

They are mighty clever at reminding you of their adorable-ness, without reminding you of their other-ness.


2 responses to “Wordless Wednesday ( not at all)

  • Erin

    I was just looking at your blog that I found through Faith’s Photo Class and I noticed you all are moving to Colorado Springs. I just happen to live in the area so if you need any questions answered let me know!

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