Insomnia without my laptop…

We are leaving to head home tomorrow  morning, so I should be asleep.

We will have 7 hours in a car with the kiddos, and the dog.

But J has taken my place in bed, and A is sleeping horizontally on the bed I will have to sleep in instead.

And, I don’t have my laptop.

Which is made worse by my wanting to edit the pics of my new baby nephew…. who is too adorable for words.

I need to take up crosswords, or  Sudoku ( ?)

I really need to invest in a light that fits on my Kindle… any suggestions?

What do people do who can’t sleep, can’t edit and can’t read?!?!?!!?

Hmmmm….. maybe I will go watch a hunting show on my father- in-laws TV…that should do the trick. 🙂

** I checked my blog from my phone this weekend, was it crazy looking for a few days….or just on my phone?!?!?!***


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