Signs….that you are dieting

I saw this challenge….and the first “sign” that came to mind was the Boll Weevil sign I had taken a few weeks ago.

Not because it was a great shot.

Or even that artistic.

But because, the Boll Weevil is home to the largest, and most delicious pieces of cake available in the world ( of my experience to date).

And now, for some Shutter Love at Trendy Treehouse.

With the exception of, in my opinion, the master cake-baker of all time… Miss Betty Webber. Who baked my wedding cake, and whose baking skills I both dream of possessing and pray will never possess.

So yes… I am dieting.  Who else hears the word sign…and thinks cake… and then Boll Weevil… and then Betty Webber… and then has to stop this post in order to stop salivating and go make some healthy turkey and green pepper sloppy joes?

Me. The dieter.




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