C’mon Fall… and other happenings

I love everything about Fall.

Sweaters, wind, leaves, pumpkins, colors, being outside all the time and everything else. I even tolerate Halloween, because it’s Fall!

Sadly, however, it is not Fall in Georgia and I am not sure when it will finally arrive.

Today it was 94 degrees. So I am not holding my breath.

What is your favorite thing about Fall? And is the weather complying where you are?

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire
Ashley Jean
** In unrelated news, today I experienced one of my greatest embarrassments, to date.  I was buying a rug in the PX, for my newly designed kids area.  I was quite happy with my purchase and the cold Diet Coke I was carrying to be enjoyed in the hot car. And then it happened.  The rug started slipping, and in the blink of an eye… I regained control of the rug. However, my rocket-shaped Diet Coke was flailing wildly( along with the arm holding it, of course), and ever-so-quickly found its way….directly in the rear end of a soldier standing nearby.

That’s right folks.  Not only did I poke the anus of an innocent soldier, but I defiled my Diet Coke!

And was left with only one thought….is this a circumstance that requires an apology?

It seems an apology might only bring to attention the random act of sodomy that was just perpetrated on this man, but to not apologize seemed incredibly wrong also.

What would you do?

Sharing these moments are always the best decision…because as I sit here and laugh-out-loud whenever I think of the moment-of-contact, and I do mean contact, I will not question my sanity…but rather know, that there are others laughing at me as well.


10 responses to “C’mon Fall… and other happenings

  • Heather @Critter Chronicles

    It’s around 55 here in Colorado now, but it’s also only 7:10am. Yesterday the temps got up to high 80s and the forecasts call for the same today and Friday, though the weatherguy said it would drop down to a low 80 on Thursday. I’m a little annoyed that it’s not cooler yet because we don’t have A/C in our house and when it’s 90 outside it’s HOT in our bedrooms at night, even with ceiling fans, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s still here and not freezing cold.

    • Brittany Godfrey

      This was terrible to read. But I will choose to overlook it, because all I am googling involves parks, trails, picnics! I am so excited…if they would just tell G if he was deploying or not…. oh… and after 4 months on the Wait List, we are now 29 spots behind where we started. Great.

  • Heather @Critter Chronicles

    OH! And I’m sorry about your mishap. Yes, an apology was definitely in order, and hopefully the Soldier was understanding about it. At least you can probably guess that he didn’t go around bragging about it to anyone else! 🙂

    • Brittany Godfrey

      HA! I just starting reliving this moment again… He was very nice/shocked/humiliated and confused by the incident… but went easy on me. Actually asked to help carry the rug to the car for me! Which I readily declined, so I could ESCAPE!

  • Brieanna

    hahahahahha LOVE the story. I mean embarrassing yes at the time but now? 100% funny 🙂 Pictures of the new kids area?? Would love to see 🙂 Great seeing you last weekend! We miss you guys!

  • Mom

    I think you inherited my ability to have “experiences” in full view of God and everybody. I am as smooth as a Brillo pad afterward too. I would have tried to get out the words I am so sorry but would mess that up too.

  • Barb Phillips

    I remember this photo and loved it when I first saw it. thanks for the photo share.

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