Brains or Beauty?

you look good

As with all things, it is impossible for me to give a simple yes or no to this question. My first instinct is to say intelligent, however, I need some more definition here. Am I going to be so intelligent that I figure out a way to make sure the world has clean drinking water, cure cancer, or write a book that's on Oprah's book club? Or just intelligent enough to accrue 90k in grad degrees and Starbucks charges, while discussing my brilliance with others? Which I am not trying to sound ugly about, because I am certain I would enjoy that life if I was a coffee drinker.

That being said… it really doesn't matter how intelligent you are, if nobody sits around long enough to listen. And statistics prove that people are less inclined to pay attention to people they do not perceive as attractive. People are said to only befriend people they find attractive ( in the least sexually motivated meaning of this word). So, be happy, if you are friends with someone- they must think you are acceptably good looking. Not that "acceptably good-looking" will make it on a greeting cards anytime soon.

Allowing myself to choose beauty would also have more implications than just vanity. I mean, let's face it, beautiful people are powerful. It goes a long way. Maybe I could use this profound beauty to accomplish as much as I could if I was a genius…and look good giving my Nobel Peace Prize speech.

Anyway, if it weren't 2 am and I could actually fall asleep… I wouldn't even indulge this question. It is sort of typical to assume that one negates the other. But it is 2am…and I can't sleep ( again!) … and the only thing on TV is the movie " Friday"…which is less funny than I remember. And I never thought it was funny, at all.

So, I can't choose.

What about you?

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