Children’s Play Area

I like how organized ” Children’s Play Area” sounds.  It makes it seem like children, and their toys, can actually be contained to a play area.  And since that is what Pottery Barn sells me as truth, it must really happen. And I am determined to bring it here!

In my ever-evolving realization that homemaking is not the career for me, I decided to simplify what seemed like a failed pursuit to establish control over the house.  This is our first time in a two-story house, and I was thrilled at first to have the little- people- gear (lpg) upstairs, and out of sight.  However, this dream vanished quickly ( as most dreams do), and the toys began their descent into the grown-up region.  I quickly realized my desire for separating the children’s stuff and grown-up stuff resulted in everybody having stuff everywhere….which drives me crazy.

Because this house has become my job ( this is hard for me to say). And it’s condition, for better or worse, seems to fall under my job description.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay home to raise my children.  Shape their little minds, teach them to read, take trips to the zoo and museums, read books and really get to know them as people. Tragically,  this seems to represent a lower percentage of my job than I envisioned. And laundry, meals, folding, organizing, decorating, cleaning, and blogging seems to have taken over . 🙂

I am not a compulsively neat person. In fact, I can thrive a mess of my own creation. A made bed looks lovely, and is a nice touch to the day, but I will quickly jumble the covers up before I can sleep.    I do not have to have a place for every little thing, but when faced when the LARGE quantities of stuff the little people have collected, I am forced to become obsessive.

This is phase 1 of the revamp. The lpg is all downstairs now. We had a bunch of spare room in our downstairs living/dining/office/who knows what to do with all this random space area. So the lpg came down, and upstairs is just for sleeping. And so far, on day 3, I am pleased.

We will be taking pictures of what toys go on which shelf, and in which box shortly, and then they will be responsible for handling the goods. If not,  there will be a sad consequence.

TOY TIME OUT! ( the basket on top of the shelves) Where toys found on the floor, or in unauthorized areas go to think about what they have done.

I will keep you posted on how this works. And since we have 60 days from until we move to CO, it feels a bit like a random project.  But my insanity is not on the Army’s schedule.


2 responses to “Children’s Play Area

  • Christina Allen

    Looks great! Where did you get your shelves? Pottery Barn is wayyyyy not in the budget, but I want to create that same thing with the baskets. John said he would build me one, but ummmm I truely wonder when that will take place?

  • Sarah

    This looks great. Wish we had a spare room.

    @Christina I tried to buy some at Target. Hubby said they were too expensive and he would build me some. Still hasn’t happened…

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