Strange-ness…in 3 parts.

Here I sit… soaking in the confusion of this day.

I spent the day erecting our family tent to prepare for our first family camping trip.

It was the same tent I camped in as a child.  It even has a little Tupperware dish with all my old hair things.

I now have a list 2 miles long to prepare for this trip.  I am certain I will complain about this more as the week progresses.

I am excited to go camping, I remember loving our family trips.  However, some things have changed since then.  Primarily, my being the person responsible for the goings on and not merely stoking the fire and eating smores.


And I am reading a book called ” The Lovely Bones” which has been a tormenting read.  I love how the author writes, and the perspective of the story but it is painful.

I started this book on Saturday laying in the park on a quilt while the kiddos played, and a lovely Fall breeze blew.  It was divine, seriously.  I lounged on that quilt with an orange and my book ( and Frances the dog) and soaked in the relaxation.

I can’t remember the last time I got to lay on a blanket and read.  And now it is all I want to do, and plan to do tomorrow ( if that list doesn’t try to rob me).


We have been taking the kiddos down to a friends house at the end of our subdivision.  They have pleased the gods in some way, and secured the house directly in front of the playground.  It has been lots of fun to go down and relax ( and sample some delicious margaritas).

The kids could not be more thrilled.

It is an odd reminder of our new little lives here.  Our Army lives.

Life is fairly consistent with our pre-Army lives. And even though we live on post, there isn’t a giant shift in the way our lives operate.  In fact, almost all changes have been positive.  G is home earlier than he ever has been.  We are getting to move around and see new places, which has always been a goal.  And the list could go on and on.  I think, overall, we are both really enjoying Army life.

But, then it comes to friends.  it is very tough.  I like to really know people.  Their likes, dislikes, thoughts, interests, about their families, and so on.  But Army friends are fast friends.  You move somewhere new and don’t know anyone, and want a friend for the journey.  And you meet knowing you probably won’t be in the same spot long.  And in our case, with the knowledge that we are leaving in 4 months, which is now less than 2 months. But…you still like them, and their kids.  You still get attached, and wonder if you will keep in touch.

Maybe I am just strange, but I get attached to people.  I still talk to people I have known since I was young.

People that have impacted my life, for various reasons, are always valuable.  And this is very true in this lifestyle, when other wives become a real source of information, support and help.

And I love that we are thrown into housing and meet people we would have never met before.  People from all over the country, with all kinds of different backgrounds.  And not just Army people, but locals, too!  It’s a meeting-new-people parade.

And it has been truly wonderful ( and sometimes the only chance as sanity) to meet people, it is just strange to know we will be leaving  in 2 months.


In other news, I just hung up with my Mom.  Who was talking about riding Harley’s.

If you know my Mom, this confusion will make more sense.

I am taking this as a clear indication that I need to get to bed.


One response to “Strange-ness…in 3 parts.

  • krameradventures

    aww me too. its crazy! meeting new people it just sucks when you leave. No worries on my part you have a friend for life. I am the best on keeping in touch!! Can’t wait till we are all back at ft benning for cc course so we can have yucky bad for you nachos at monkey joes!

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