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I got a ticket today.  Something about not having a properly registered “vehicle”.  “Vehicle” is the word preferred by law enforcement when they are about to make you pay money.

Jackson is certain I am going to jail, thanks to last week being “Safety Week” at preschool.

Abby made sure to tell the policeman that she almost called him last week when I ran a red light.

Thanks to my handy-dandy Droid, I registered my tags online before he could even scribble out the ticket.


But more important than any other thing I could share is this: IT HAS BEEN 70 degrees ALL DAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This alone brings more joy than any ticket could steal.  Because you can’t be sad when it’s so incredibly perfect outside.   And when the little lady wakes up, we will disappear outside until the sun goes down.  I may even bring my quilt and my new book.


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