I can’t blog….

I have noticed that I simply can’t blog with hives all over my face.  Which makes no sense.  Because you can’t see me, I hope. 
Today I brought the kids to school.   In one of the worlds more cruel gestures, little A forgot her lunch in the car.  This. Has. Never.  Happened.  All. Year.
I go inside.
Walking boldly. 
After all, it’s just a face.
Not what’s important. 
So I walked confidently.
Until people stopped me….
” oh no…are you crying????”
Ummmmm no….
“Did you get burned????”
Nooo….( would you really stop and ask someone this???)
” Oh man.  Did you guys over sleep this morning? ?”
Whoa now…
The last one was the lowest blow.  Because now I wonder if the plague-face is a natural deviation from my normal face…..


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