We are smitTEN with this little lady.

Oh how I love a random day of something different!

And since 10-10-10 will never happen again, in my lifetime at least, I declare it the day of 10’s around this place.

And since it is such a once-in-a lifetime ordeal, I am not even slightly restricted by the possibility of becoming a nightmarish annoyance to my dear family.

So, to begin, I am going to need to figure out 10 healthy things my children can eat for breakfast.

Donuts? Jack would be a happy, happy man.

But I think we are sticking with: 10 chunks of banana ( which I won’t actually call chunks, because that is nasty), 10 grapes, 10 pieces of donuts and 10 ounces of milk. This seems a lot, but they are going to need the energy.


We will be off to the park! To draw 10’s in chalk, and do 10 jumping jacks ( not me, them), find 10 birds and maybe throw 10 rocks.  We are going to go wild, people!

I haven’t gotten as far as lunch, but I imagine 10 chips and chicken TENders will be happening. Ha!

And this is just before Daddy gets home ( having gotten a 10-point!, you’re welcome G).

I can’t disclose anymore.

I just can’t.

But, I am just hoping this day doesn’t result in having eaten 10  pounds on my person, or getting bitten by 10 bugs, or an extension of my 10 ( ish) hives, or any tension amongst the siblings.

No promises though.

I have written too much already.

But there will be pictures, lots of lots of pictures.

I wish you all could attend.

Sweeten those dreams up.

O…k…. going.to.bed.


Me...10 years ago... size 10 J.Crew brown suede riding book. Green Khaki pajama pants, random white turtleneck!??!, enjoy. Please note my mother likes to write things on pictures, and also REALLY wanted me to wear these boots.


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