“Today”…. An Epic Story

It’s hard to explain where sanity ends and insanity begins, especially today. 
So tonight I leave you with the “highlight” reel.
1.  G let me sleep until 8 and got clothes/lunches ready.  Pro
2.  J began stripping his already chosen clothes. 34 seconds after G left.  Con
3.  1.25 hour cry-a-thon about going to preschool .  Con
4.  Missed dental appointment.   Con
5.  Stake out of preschool recess.  Con
6.  Getting kids from school early.   Pro turned con.
7.  Boycotted speech therapy appointment.   Con
8.  NO nap.  CON
9.  No haircut.   Con
10.  Playing with neighbors.   Pro
11.  Homemade Margarita.   Pro

Going to sleep… hope your Wednesday was better.
I wouldn’t know as I had no computer time either ….con.

* I did, however,  read a friends blog that made me laugh… a lot.  She blogs at WWW.critterchronicles.net… pro

What are your favorite parenting books? ?


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