{one} have you ever milked a cow or a goat?

That is most definitely a no.  I am certain I would not ever try to milk a goat, but with the proper overalls and pigtails I may be willing to attempt a cow. Maybe.  But then I could most certainly not drink that milk.  It is a bit too organic.

{two} what sound does your alarm make when it goes off in the morning?

It, and by it, I really mean they are usually jumping on my bed attacking poor Frances.  Frances, the dog, who since her arrival has decided she should sleep in my bed.  I have been alarm clock free since 4-26-06 when dear J made his appearance.

{three} chocolate milk or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate…mmmmm

{four} what is one of the quirkiest things about you?

Quirky is really only “quirky” in movies, where it is endearing and cute.  I think in real life, and in real marriage, quirky turns to “weird” at a rapid rate.  I digress though…

I would say have some issues with words.  If a word offends me, and many do, I just make up a new one. Which is really more than quirky, but a public service.

{five} are you more like your mom or your dad?

I think I have a pretty good dose of both.

My dad would say I am like my Mom, and my Mom would say I am like my Dad.

My father is a force of nature when it comes to getting stuff done, being responsible/reasonable/logical/smart/ethical.  He is also very thoughtful, and remembers even small details.  He is rather remarkable.  I definitely acquired his less emotional and more logical side.  And, I can have moments, of extreme efficiency and get-stuff-done-edness.  I would say he and I are pretty similar, and we can both drive people nuts with our not sitting still and wanting to “get going” type personalities.  Especially when under the same roof.

He is a remarkable Dad, and Bampy, so I am happy to have the chance to let some of that “stick”.

My mother is saintly at times in her ability for self-sacrifice and concern for others.  She is funny/witty/smart/curious/duty-bound/moral/emotional and determined.  She can be definitely be a force to reckon with, especially when it comes to her people. She is very invested in the lives of people she meets, and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t like her.   I definitely got my concern for people, and love of the under dog from my Mom ( though a watered down version of what she posseses.)

She is the model of what children want as a mother, so I am very glad my little ones get to have her for a Grammy.  And they are too.

{six} do you sleep with the tv on?

Not usually.  We have a TV in our room, but it is rarely on.  However, when G is not home, I will have it (and all the lights) on, for sure.

{seven} if you were a crayon, what color would you be?

My favorite color is green, but I think I would want to be pink.  Nobody fights over green.

{eight} ross, joey, or chandler?

I don’t know if I am ready to say this.  But, I never watched Friends.

There, it is said.  From my limited knowledge I think I would want to be Chandler though.

{nine} do you play any musical instruments?

When using the word “play” very, very loosely I could claim the piano.  I took lessons when I was little. And can whip out my 2 recital songs.

{ten} what’s the worst thing you’ve ever cooked/baked?

Oh…hmmm… I can’t remember making anything that was terrible….but I do know I make a whole lot of “eh”.


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