Before and After…and Halloween Sneak Peak

Totally Rad Actions just released the Lightroom presets, which makes me very happy and my Christmas list one item longer!

This was taken with my Canon 50d, 50mm

ISO was 1000 ( and I was so nervous, because she was ripping the box open while I was trying to get set up)

F/ 2.0 and Shutter at 1/200

For anyone just starting out on manual, that means nothing…but it was indoors ( obviously) and in late afternoon with no direct light.  I am pretty happy with my 50d at ISO 1000…  the new action was a freebie from TRA to show his new Lightroom sets.  I believe this was Brightside.  And while I am not on his advertising team, I am pretty impressed he put 3 different modes in each action ( light, medium and strong).  This was medium.  Cropped. And done.

I will take my hubby’s laptop hostage soon to Photoshop the top corner, and maybe do some eye popping. 🙂

This is little Miss, in her new Halloween costume.  Complete with light-up Cinderella glass slippers.  Courtesy of Walt Disney and my parents.


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