We have been b.u.s.y!

This week delivered on action….

Flat tires… times 2….followed by the children’s college fund being used to get new tires …bleh

Lots of play time with neighbors … that my children will miss very much.

Photo shoot

Offered a house in Colorado …. more on this soon.

A shopping trip that resulted in 4 new jeans for me… in one trip! This sort of shopping karma does not come often! 

A growing awareness that G needs to be trained in chiropractic and massage care…. my back is sore… which only happens when I exercise ….. which leads me to believe it is not a good thing.

I want an old fashioned bicycle with a basket on front…. suggestions? ? ( sorry…. distracted)

Zero dinners made by me
… getting back in gear soon.

DITY move planned…. more on this 4 letter word soon.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin almost finished… brilliant.

Lots of research on Foster care and discussion on getting started in Colorado…. hopefully more to follow.

And a very entertaining trip to Fresh Market with my friend and our 6 children for pumpkins. (ABOVE) Where only two ended up crying….and they were both mine … because they wanted to keep playing with their friends!

OH!! I went to my first “flea” market today. And can happily report that I have not been missing anything. 
At all.

This will all get easier again when my laptop is resurrected… the space bar is broken…. currently reporting from my phone, in bed, when I should be sleeping.


3 responses to “Busy!!

  • Megan Noble

    I hate that four letter word…DITY. Ugh, Tim wants to do our next move ourselves and it causes shivers to run down my spine everytime he mentions it. The upside is that you can make some serious money doing DITY moves.

    • Brittany Godfrey

      Yes his eyes turn to $$…makes me very sad. Its #3 in 1 year….how long will u guys be in CA??

      • Megan Noble

        Were not sure, maybe a year and a half to 2 years. Were hoping to go to Pensacola next so that Tim can be an instructor at the training squadron there. That’s my plan anyway, I’m sure that the Navy has something else planned for us.

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