Countdown:22 days


Halloween came and went, and took with it the month of October.  A month that I hid in.  Safety tucked away from “packing” and “moving”.  But now November has found me, and I feel its presence with such force and strength that I can barely even remember what being in October felt like.  This is our move month! And while we are both very excited to  be headed to Colorado in the next few weeks, I am becoming bogged down with all that must happen in these 22 days.

The Army has been our life for a year now.  We have been to 2 different posts (G has been to three) and packed up and moved from FL to GA, then from West GA to East GA and now from East GA to Colorado Springs.

To add to my movers resume,  I moved every 3 years as a child.  From FL to NYC, NYC to CA, CA to DC and then DC to NYC again.

I even worked for a moving company the summer after high school.

You would think this process becomes easier.  And while I feel I have a working knowledge of how to attack this move, the labor is unavoidable (the word labor tends to be directly tied in to unavoidable situations).  Which could be a great rabbit trail to chase, but its November and we don’t have time.

And now to all you folks who say… thats easy! The military moves you! Let me share with you a four-letter word that you might not know, but that strikes fear in the heart of Army spouses.



That is correct.  Yourself.  No guys in moving clothes taking inventory and sticking stickers.   Nope.

Me, some tape, sweat and tears.

You see why November was lurking.

Tormenting me.

Haunting me.

This is done as a way to possibly pocket extra money.  It is done as a way to test the strength of your marriage.  It is done as a way to teach your children patience.  And as a way to enforce a good dose of daily cardio.

So…. today I bring you a countdown to Colorado.

Day 1:

1. Sign housing acceptance letter.(put on G’s list….still waiting)

2.  Put both kiddos are wait list for pre-schools ( pre-schools are harder to find than colleges, if you ask me)  J is #68…..great.

3.  Get moving truck set up ( actually did in October, cause I am mega-organized…ha!)

4.  Begin packing kids toys away in small portions, as to not arouse complaints.

5.  Grocery shop with 22 days in mind.

6.  scan,fax, e-mail about 15 forms to various places on our post, their post, anyones post.

7.  Wash rugs and get ready to roll and store them for journey.

8.  Back-up computer files and get files that will need to be on-hand updated.



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