One Vote

**** Be warned****I am in the mood for a good rant.

A political rant…shudder.

You see, election day can cause me some stress.  Not stress over who to choose, or where to go , or which side to stick my sticker.  But rather a deep stress about life and hope.  And when I get in these moods, it is rather challenging to get me out in one piece.

Because, even though I do not vote, I still feel rather strongly about some issues.

Primarily, the indication that my lack of voting seats me behind you in the proud Americans line.

It doesn’t.  In fact,  there is nothing more American than my ability to decide when I cast my ballot.  It is a right to vote.  And democracies are best judged by their ability to handle any dissension in process or thought.  In they weren’t able to handle any objection, they would cease to be a true democracy.

And secondly, that my right to vote needs to be exercised at every single oppurtunity. You see, in my opinion, people get vote-happy.  They will vote a whole party line without true research into who they may be seating.

They will “Rock the Vote” without rocking their search engine.

This may stem from my own insecurities at my education into such matters, but I do more research on the kids babysitters than some folks do on the President.  And who can blame them???

Not me.

I do not have the time or inclination to read pages of information on economics, international business, health care, education, Social Security, etc….

The list could go on for miles.

The research could take years… and even then…where can you find material you can trust???

You see how overwhelming this can become.

And it should be.  Because my voice being “heard” is of far less concern to this country than the right decision being made. Which seems to always  be the case in life.

And lastly, I think the responsibility of such decisions would weigh greatly on me when watching the news.

For example, a lovely gubernatorial candidate here in GA, calls himself the Real Deal.

And the Real Deal finds it acceptable, and important, to question rape victims after they were victimized.

He would like to further create legislation that allows law enforcement to be able to ask these women(and men) what they were wearing? drinking? who they were hanging out with? what type of people they have dated in the past?

Which I find morally outrageous and repugnant.

That being said…say I didn’t research Mr. Deal, and voted my party line.

And one day there was a young girl sitting traumatized in a courtroom, being made to feel responsible for her victimization and cheapened for wearing a skirt and not pants.

I don’t want any part of this scene…not even one blindly-made tick mark on paper.

And even worse, later, when re-election comes…Mr. Deal will write banners with his valiant change in the rates of such crimes in Georgia.  Maybe because he is awesome, maybe because people just won’t report it anymore.  And who could blame them?

Because if you believe your vote can make a change, you also must believe your vote can make a change for the worse.  And in fact, the non-voting contingency ( which happens to me the majority), is a very powerful group.

And the slogan of ” if you don’t vote, you can’t complain” is indicative of anything but democracy.  In history, non-voting populations have been instrumental in the development of our country ( African Americans, women, illiterate, ex-felons,etc…).

And while I do not plan on complaining, that ability  hardly is granted by my voting status, and completely granted by my status as citizen of this country.

I am feeling only slightly better… because I would never want to insult another persons conviction to take part in this process.

I accept this process completely, and as part of that, support the President and all the folks doing their best to be of service to our country.

Whew… ok.

Done with that now.






2 responses to “One Vote

  • greg

    Hmm. Interesting.

  • Deb

    Oh Brit. While I accept your right not to take part in the process…your reason makes me cringe. Basically you have said that you’re not smart enough to choose the best candidate…this is the very reason that those groups that helped form America (African Americans, Women etc) were denied the right to vote… those in the “know” didn’t believe them smart enough to trust with a vote. I think that those who don’t vote ever…would do well to spend a bit of time somewhere where there is no democracy. Love to argue with you friend! 🙂

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