Camera…I have missed you


Before and After

G made good use of his time spent soldiering in the field the other day, and brought home a hat full of fresh pecans.  And these little guys put Fresh Market to shame with their freshness.

And tomorrow, I shall spend my day roasting, sugaring and maybe even pie-ing these little guys up.  Do you guys like pecan pie? Despite my hubby’s Southern heritage, he claims to have never eaten it, and I definitely have not.

This is submitted to Simplicity’s “Fall” theme…because what is more Fall than pecans?!?!


No this is not the costume he threw a tantrum in Target over for 20 minutes.

No I did not cave in less than 72 hours.


Not me.  I am an oak.

And after I didn’t cave ( even if he did have strep and a fever), I most certainly did not spend an hour glueing up a Captain America shield from scratch.

Discipline is my middle name folks.

the long road


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