Countdown: Days 21, 20, 19, 18

The following is a recipe for a successful “gear up to moving week”.

#1. Make sure your children get Strep.

#2. The lovely 48 hour cultures, since my children never test positive on the rapid test.  So the lovely Strep has 2 days to grow and torture, before meds are given.

#3. Get Strep yourself. Even when you don’t have tonsils.  Which seems both impossible and like a cruel joke.

#4. Pack up large bins and leave them in plain sight of said “sick children”.  Who rarely act sick, but can not go to pre-school.

#5.  Watch children unload and throw items with wild abandon as you lounge on the couch nearly incapacitated.

#6. Have your husband have to be at work at horribly early times, leaving him tired upon arrival.

Need I go on….

There has been accomplished to move this family across the country.

Including the things I have put on G’s list…just saying.

I will, however, commend G on tolerating me while I am sick.

Which is a fate worse than both children being sick.

I can be mean. And require A LOT of foot massages.

And I am sorry to lose focus, but I have been updating my picture files, and this was my little, tiny baby 3 years ago!!

You read that right….3 years ago!!!

I miss those big chubby cheeks. And pink knit hat.




3 responses to “Countdown: Days 21, 20, 19, 18

  • Christina Allen

    what a precious baby! Sorry you are feeling so sick 😦 Feel better soon.

  • Karen Jolly

    OH those cheeks!!! And that right there is why baby Jolly #3 will arrive!!! Someday! (No announcement being made yet)

  • Mom

    Oh how I loved feeding that beautiful baby girl. I just couldn’t stop kissing her:). Poor thing, Grammy wanted to just eat her up and demand a turn (which didn’t happen once Bampy the Magnificent got ahold of her). So fresh from God. I am excited for the entire family but can’t guarantee a dig nicked good bye. Already been crying tonite a little. My special medicine may need to be inboard for this. I really am happy you will have fun family adventures together. This is just one way love grows between two people asyou will learn to lean on each other through it all. Looking forapres ski wear, of course we won’t actually ski but I will coordinate EMT’s to be on standby and I can fix everyone hot chocolate. I’ll run on home after the spring thaw:)))XOXO

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