Countdown: day 17


I still am suffering from this sickness / worst exhaustion ever-faced-by-any-human-to-date.
But still I managed,aided by my 3 naps and sleeping babies and a hubby that was out, to start getting things in boxes.
My first area to tackle was the kids toys.  This is done first because limitations on the number of things they have to scatter about only further opens my day to packing. 
I also partially unloaded the storage closet.
All the while I am trashing and organizing.
Zip loc bags are my bestest of friends.

So I can now check off: organization of kids school/art stuff
Special papers to save
Junk drawer
Books and puzzles

Now for some more sleep.

Current symptoms are: unbelievable thirst
Extreme fatigue
Stuffy nose

Please diagnose me. 


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