Some Challenges on a Challenging Day


This is from my nephew’s newborn pictures, but has just been finished in editing.  He is almost 3 months old.  Yikes.

If he is not exactly this little when we get to Florida in a few days, I will be upset.

And then there is little Miss Charlie.

Who is one part of the foursome(well five with their Momma!) of girls that our time in Augusta has gifted us with, the kiddos and I are all sad to be leaving them.

And just so you don’t think I am bragging about editing skills(which I could not actually do), the original is below.  Her eyes are naturally that amazing. And so are every single one of the sisters.



Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


And last, but certainly not least, I will be using A’s picture for the “Innocence of a Child” challenge at Pixel Perfect.

Because I love this shot of her so much, I think it needs to be a wall mural when we get to Colorado.

It is her, with cute boots and a frog lunch box.

She is so very officious and sweetly confident.


And I hope in 20 years, she is marching confidently down whatever path she chooses.

Preferably one that heads towards my house. 🙂

So if taking a photograph is meant to capture a person, or a moment, then this will be ( in my mind) the best I have ever taken.

(My husband doesn’t agree.)


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