Some Recent Pics


The babies and I took a long hike this morning because when woke up all the trees were covered in ice.  It was a real-life Winter Wonderland.  This is only about 200 yards from my house.  It is strange to me, but the sky in Colorado is so much bluer than the skies back East.  It is delightful.

( This was taken mid-morning so the sun was very bright.  I had the sun almost directly behind me and used my 50mm at f/5 and ISO 100.  I can’t take credit for the pretty tree and blue sky…cause even my fun camera can’t make that up.)



Jackson  simply HAD to have this Grinch ornament, and it has become a favorite.  I admit to needing help with maintaining the Christmas spirit for the whole holiday season.  Between buying presents and the crowds and tempting foods, I can grow weary.  But this little ornament makes me smile.  Partly because I have always loved the Grinch’s outfit, it cracks me up.  And partly because listening to J explain the plot of the story is the cutest thing in the world.



and then, she {snapped}


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