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Sweet Dreams

That’s it.  This chair wants me.   I have seen it now in 2 shows on TV…well not the exact chair, but its close relatives.

I won’t allow myself to consider how quickly my children would turn it into an acrobatic device.  Or what housing might say when we anchor a chair into an Army ceiling.

I wonder if the pillow comes with it?



For you…and me

Life is speeding along, and with work and babies and houses it seems that many moments are not able to make it into my long term memory. I wanted to write these down to make sure I don’t forget them.


current age: 3 and almost a half

loves: batman, spiderman, superman, larry boy and all things superhero related. Has started making up little stories with his ” guys”, loves to wrestle with Daddy- but still rocks at night with Mommy 🙂 He is getting very reasonable, enjoys talking things through and is starting to understand there is a real world, and a pretend world. Loves his sister completely, sort of knows he is supposed to watch out for her- though she finds great pleasure in finding ways to bug him.  Loves McDonalds “Donalds”, Chuck E Cheese ( bleh!), BAMPY, books and popsicles. And has a recent love of any costume, and spends most days as some superhero. Loves Preschool-which he calls High School.

does not love: red meat, the doctor, boo boo’s ( especially those red ants), isn’t quite as excited about bedtime anymore. Dislikes bad guys.

Never stops moving, unless a good show is on TV. Thank you Dora, and Diego.  Is starting to like puppies.

Is quite possibly the sweetest little boy I know, and is so very loved.

After saving Abby from a spider “Sister, you not even have to ever worry. I will save the day, and protect you!” ….. and we are certain she knows this is true.


current age: 2 and 2 months

loves: DORA, DORA, DORA…. her lala, an occassional paci and baboo ( bottle), bagels with cream cheese, ketchup! and spaghetti o’s. She is a little bundle of girlie sweetness( which my mother is beyond happy about). She sort of swishes through a room, and it is near impossible to not smile. She loves being the center of attention- sings, dances and twirls on command. Loves to color, carry around her babies and do everything her brother does.  Just learned how to jump with both feet, and is now running everywhere.  Will start hysterically laughing at random, which is very infectious. Loves goldfish, her bampy and purses. Is a daddy’s girl, and is well aware of his adoration. 

not so in love with: dr’s!! ( second ear surgery this past week…poor thing), antibiotics, anything Jackson does not love, bugs!, lizards– a good point to stop and mention how we will show her things she doesn’t like, because her “bleh” face and noises are hilarious, a complete production— big dogs, blue monkeys, going potty, getting her hair done, being outside in the heat and keeping her car seat shoulder straps on.

Abby is a talker! and has been for some time– and is always saying things that make us laugh. She is just girlie baby sweetness at its finest, and has personality in spades. She is a bit fiestier and maybe a bit more adventurous than her older brother, which I can’t say is disappointing to me.

Abby is heard saying: ” I love you so much”, ” On top of spaghhhhhetttiii….” and is a stickler for the blessing at meals. Also, ” I need to” ” I can do it” and ” just a minute”…. She is known to speak and wag that chubby little finger, or put her hands on her hips ( we are cracking down on this right after we get it on camera).  Oh… and she always says ” i need your tisses ( kisses)”  and we comply….always.


Pictures to come…. thanks for reading 🙂

We will own one someday.

seriously amazing.

seriously amazing.

I love hands, though my Mother's are the best.

I love hands, though my Mother's are the best.

Greg introduced me to Alyssa Monks tonight, and I am in Google heaven while he rests on the couch. I love it, simply love it. Every single one. Please enjoy.