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Some Recent Pics


The babies and I took a long hike this morning because when woke up all the trees were covered in ice.  It was a real-life Winter Wonderland.  This is only about 200 yards from my house.  It is strange to me, but the sky in Colorado is so much bluer than the skies back East.  It is delightful.

( This was taken mid-morning so the sun was very bright.  I had the sun almost directly behind me and used my 50mm at f/5 and ISO 100.  I can’t take credit for the pretty tree and blue sky…cause even my fun camera can’t make that up.)



Jackson  simply HAD to have this Grinch ornament, and it has become a favorite.  I admit to needing help with maintaining the Christmas spirit for the whole holiday season.  Between buying presents and the crowds and tempting foods, I can grow weary.  But this little ornament makes me smile.  Partly because I have always loved the Grinch’s outfit, it cracks me up.  And partly because listening to J explain the plot of the story is the cutest thing in the world.



and then, she {snapped}



My mother is pretty much the best Grammy around.  She loves her grandbabies “more than cupcakes” as J says, and spends a good deal of time making sure they have everything they want/need/desire.  My little ones adore her and ask me daily if she can come visit in CO.  A only sleeps on the right side of her bed, because she is “saving some room” in case Grammy comes over.

Hanna Anderson is a Swedish clothing store for children and adults and is home to some of the most adorable clothes.  Their clothes are simple and colorful and last forever.

The combination of these two make pictures like these possible. 🙂

My kids always act like this, don’t yours?  I do really love how peaceful they both look.  J has always been his sister’s biggest snuggler.

He loves her so very much.  It really is amazing to me sometimes.  Because you can’t really teach that, he just loves her.

I love this picture.  I think I will call it “Joy and Sadness”.   A is in a mothering stage, and Frances is the baby.  Frances does not want to be the baby, or be on a hike.  She wants to be asleep on a comfy blanket.  Poor doggie staring off with her defeated gaze.

So, again, thanks to Grammy for being you and for being awesome.

I have more from this group, trying to have some self-control until they are all edited.  🙂

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Reason for the Season

Well it has been awhile since I have been blogging.  The move kept us busy for a while, and with Christmas upon us I have been pretty occupied!

I am not really inclined to do a big review of what has been going on — because that would bore you all to tears.  We have been unpacking, exploring Colorado Springs and getting ready for the man in the red suit.   The children are very excited, and ask almost hourly when Santa will be here. Does he know our new address?   Do I think they will make the nice list?

I have attempted to train, guide, persuade them that Christmas ( or any holiday) is not a time of reckless greed and mile-long manifestos.  That we should think of others and their wants, desires and mile-long manifestos and be thoughtful.  They enjoy my allegories, and listen intently.  Then tell me  they need to go on and look at stuff.  That’s right.  They say w w w . amazon . com  — and they are 4 and 3.   And while I try to model behavior that is productive, I can not claim to succeed with consistency.  Because I starting seeing things, too.  Wonderful things.  Like new computers and camera lenses.  Oh the lenses!  And camera bags that look like purses!  And then we all sort of lose focus and head to the kitchen and bake something.

And while baking today, I was thinking about what really makes this season “most wonderful.”   And the thing that really occurred to me, speaking on a very basic level, is gingerbread man shaped waffles.


That’s right.  Waffles.

What other time of year do you cut waffles into shapes?  What other time of year do you sit your two pre-school age children down and make homemade wrapping paper?  With paints!

It is all these things.  The waffles, the baking and even the time sitting on together that make this season so special.

And I really do think that this magical time is being spoiled by stores putting stuff out in October… because the stamina required to

create this magic can not be maintained over 12 weeks!

Like cutting sponges into stars and trees.

And then practicing the painting.

And doing the painting.

And cleaning up  the painting…which is why there is no actual photos of completed homemade wrapping paper.

And even shopping in long lines to buy a gift for someone who may get overlooked at times.  I am glad we settled enough in the house to do these fun extras.

And even if the children don’t remember them or can’t stop fixating on the toys, I know I will.


** G is busy at work designing my new blog!! I want to put the link up so badly, because he did great.  But alas, he says it will ruin the presentation.  But soon!!!!**

Wee Bit/ Completely adorable little girls

**** We are 4 days away from our move, and I just returned from 2 days visiting my dearest friend Christina and her 3 little girls!!**

yes, her children are ridiculously cute.

And I am sorry if you have emailed me recently, I am sort of in and out until Monday.

{one} what time do you normally wake up?

I would say the kiddos give me a 7:30am average.  With an occasional 8 or 6:30.

{two} do you have a go-to song for karaoke?

I do not sing in public. Period.

{three} if you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?

When I was around 12 or 13, I was “acting out” at school.  I was made to go see Dana Goldfarb the school counselor.

I answered black to all her color questions.

Sorry Dana, I really thought I was funny.

Probably green.

{four} what color best matches your personality?

For the sake of not answering with green again… I will say orange.

Because I am spicy enough to not to yellow, but haven’t quite earned red yet.

{five} if you could choose one meal to cook better than anyone else, what would it be?

Oh dear.  I don’t really care to cook anything better than anyone else.

And it’s really impossible to even claim that, seeing as though we all have different tastes.

{six} how many keys do you have on your key ring?

I believe 3.  Car, house and some mysterious mini key.

{seven} do you give your pets birthday/christmas gifts?

Absolutely not.

{eight} when your plate has different foods on it, do you mix or not?

Absolutely.  Getting through some veggies would be impossible without some fusion.

{nine} if you could hire someone to do one thing for you all the time, what would it be?

COOK!!!  wait no…CLEAN…wait..I don’t know.  I think organize.

{ten} when flying, do you prefer the window or aisle seat?

Aisle… my legs are a bit on the long side. And it gives me a bit more room, and easy access to potty.

Countdown:22 days


Halloween came and went, and took with it the month of October.  A month that I hid in.  Safety tucked away from “packing” and “moving”.  But now November has found me, and I feel its presence with such force and strength that I can barely even remember what being in October felt like.  This is our move month! And while we are both very excited to  be headed to Colorado in the next few weeks, I am becoming bogged down with all that must happen in these 22 days.

The Army has been our life for a year now.  We have been to 2 different posts (G has been to three) and packed up and moved from FL to GA, then from West GA to East GA and now from East GA to Colorado Springs.

To add to my movers resume,  I moved every 3 years as a child.  From FL to NYC, NYC to CA, CA to DC and then DC to NYC again.

I even worked for a moving company the summer after high school.

You would think this process becomes easier.  And while I feel I have a working knowledge of how to attack this move, the labor is unavoidable (the word labor tends to be directly tied in to unavoidable situations).  Which could be a great rabbit trail to chase, but its November and we don’t have time.

And now to all you folks who say… thats easy! The military moves you! Let me share with you a four-letter word that you might not know, but that strikes fear in the heart of Army spouses.



That is correct.  Yourself.  No guys in moving clothes taking inventory and sticking stickers.   Nope.

Me, some tape, sweat and tears.

You see why November was lurking.

Tormenting me.

Haunting me.

This is done as a way to possibly pocket extra money.  It is done as a way to test the strength of your marriage.  It is done as a way to teach your children patience.  And as a way to enforce a good dose of daily cardio.

So…. today I bring you a countdown to Colorado.

Day 1:

1. Sign housing acceptance letter.(put on G’s list….still waiting)

2.  Put both kiddos are wait list for pre-schools ( pre-schools are harder to find than colleges, if you ask me)  J is #68…..great.

3.  Get moving truck set up ( actually did in October, cause I am mega-organized…ha!)

4.  Begin packing kids toys away in small portions, as to not arouse complaints.

5.  Grocery shop with 22 days in mind.

6.  scan,fax, e-mail about 15 forms to various places on our post, their post, anyones post.

7.  Wash rugs and get ready to roll and store them for journey.

8.  Back-up computer files and get files that will need to be on-hand updated.



imageHigh: J …he is my cute little man.  And it would not be possible to adore him anymore.

Low: I am a big-time sucker.  Bargained toys for required behavior ( speech therapy ).

Lesson learned by me:  Bribe in good conscience.

Lesson learned by J: My mommy is a big-time sucker.  Make deals often.














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Children’s Play Area

I like how organized ” Children’s Play Area” sounds.  It makes it seem like children, and their toys, can actually be contained to a play area.  And since that is what Pottery Barn sells me as truth, it must really happen. And I am determined to bring it here!

In my ever-evolving realization that homemaking is not the career for me, I decided to simplify what seemed like a failed pursuit to establish control over the house.  This is our first time in a two-story house, and I was thrilled at first to have the little- people- gear (lpg) upstairs, and out of sight.  However, this dream vanished quickly ( as most dreams do), and the toys began their descent into the grown-up region.  I quickly realized my desire for separating the children’s stuff and grown-up stuff resulted in everybody having stuff everywhere….which drives me crazy.

Because this house has become my job ( this is hard for me to say). And it’s condition, for better or worse, seems to fall under my job description.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay home to raise my children.  Shape their little minds, teach them to read, take trips to the zoo and museums, read books and really get to know them as people. Tragically,  this seems to represent a lower percentage of my job than I envisioned. And laundry, meals, folding, organizing, decorating, cleaning, and blogging seems to have taken over . 🙂

I am not a compulsively neat person. In fact, I can thrive a mess of my own creation. A made bed looks lovely, and is a nice touch to the day, but I will quickly jumble the covers up before I can sleep.    I do not have to have a place for every little thing, but when faced when the LARGE quantities of stuff the little people have collected, I am forced to become obsessive.

This is phase 1 of the revamp. The lpg is all downstairs now. We had a bunch of spare room in our downstairs living/dining/office/who knows what to do with all this random space area. So the lpg came down, and upstairs is just for sleeping. And so far, on day 3, I am pleased.

We will be taking pictures of what toys go on which shelf, and in which box shortly, and then they will be responsible for handling the goods. If not,  there will be a sad consequence.

TOY TIME OUT! ( the basket on top of the shelves) Where toys found on the floor, or in unauthorized areas go to think about what they have done.

I will keep you posted on how this works. And since we have 60 days from until we move to CO, it feels a bit like a random project.  But my insanity is not on the Army’s schedule.

I love this…..

Because he still wants to carry a stuffed animal around at the park…. The sadness is because Daddy was telling him to put it down.

Obviously, Daddy is heartless and does not appreciate the adorableness.

And Mommy doesn’t worry about the other kids making fun of him for carrying his mouse, because I can take them. 🙂

Photography love...


For a Monday when your 3 year old refuses to: put on shoes, brush her teeth, get her blue folder and complete any task requested.

I know I have said this before, and I guess it is annoying to keep repeating, but something happened to this little lady when she turned 3!

It is not an all day problem, but it is such a shift to her easy-going personality. Well, this morning it was an all-morning problem. And I happily drove away from the preschool car line for a few minutes of respite from the boss woman.