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SOOC…. I love this one, and when my computer resuscitates I will do some processing.

When I get overwhelmed, and my brain feels full, there is only one good solution.

Writing in list-form, and here it goes.

1.  The Blog-frey’s have landed in Colorado Springs, and are loving our new home.

2.  No… it hasn’t snowed.  It has, however, snowed at Fort Gordon where we just left in GEORGIA.  Whatever, let’s keep this positive.

3.  It is BEAUTIFUL here.  My backyard looks over the golf course, and we get to watch the sunset out my living room window.

4.  We would get to do that if we could sit down for 12 seconds.  Which we don’t get to do just yet.

5.  All that running around and activity has oddly placed 6 lbs on my body, I don’t get it either.

6.  Unintentional animal spottings are numerous and very exciting.  Coyotes live near the post hospital, and wander freely.   They are mange coyotes, which I learned is more of a disease than a criticism.  I also saw a ton of girl deer, and a large boy deer.  Still waiting on elk, moose and maybe a bear.  Luckily, there is a zoo up the road to fill in the gaps. 🙂

7.  Moving is a large task.  Moving with children is an even larger task.  Moving with children during Christmas is a monumentally large task.  Moving with children during Christmas when you are painfully neurotic about producing holiday magic is a near death experience.

8.  I love Chipotle.  I have heard the rumors of greatness, and it delivered.

9.  My husband has become an incredible asset in moves and home-creating.

10.  My children always have cuter rooms than I do, which according to some marriage book is not good.  Regardless, I am very pleased.

11.  I love Trees for Troops and the fabulous tree they donated to us, tied to our car and freshly cut.  We are very grateful for the money savings and convenience this year!

12.  Our home here  really feels like home, which is odd seeing as though we have lived here 10 days.

13.  The schools in town ( or lack of good options) caused a panic attack, but I have come back down and have some hope.




** Updated once I stole G’s computer.**

I stole G’s computer to reassure myself that it was my aging computer, and not my memory card.  This did not allow for any editing…but I feel better, anyway.

15.  I will be back to blogging more when my computer submits to my will and allows me to get my pictures. So until then…  the Blog-frey’s are happy, healthy and ready for Santa!




Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


We went with U-Pack this move, and so far, it has been great.


Well, I am not completely surprised with myself for not completing my PCS countdown.  PCS for those who speak in real words, I believe, means Permanent Change of Station.  However, we all know that ‘permanent’ is used rather loosely.

But it is now Friday, and we move on MONDAY!    The children are nestled away in Orlando with my parents, visiting a very awesome expensive mouse.

Our DITY ( Do-it-yourself) move is near completion, and I must say that as I watched the movers pack our neighbors house in less than 10 hours I was actually happy with our decision to move ourselves.  Mainly because we will get a nice little check when we arrive in our new place… or within 90 days; but also because a good day’s work is good for the soul.

I would not say that statement if I was having to watch/entertain/feed my children during this process.

I completely cleared both kids rooms, as well as the kitchen.  And I mean CLEARED ( short of A’s heavy stuff I couldn’t handle on stairs), including the carrying of her double mattress and box spring by myself.  Very noticeable accomplishments are so rare in my stay-at-home-mom life that I have gotten great satisfaction from tackling this (albeit large) task of moving across country.

The movers from next door kept telling me what an awesome wife I am, and how G really lucked out.  Me being willing to work and all.  They also said, you must not be a Southern girl, cause you know how to work. HA!  I am not a Southern girl, so that made me smile a bit…but seemed dangerous to say in Georgia  ( no laziness implied to any Southern girls, it made me smile merely because they guessed correctly, even saying they thought I had “some NYC in me”…which I do).

And while I do consider the neighbors movers my new best friends, I have to say I  was annoyed by the statements.

Why shouldn’t I be carrying things into a truck?  Why wouldn’t I attempt to get as much done as possible?  Is this not my home and  my stuff?  Do I need to wait for my big, strong man to come home and take charge?  Some may say I am just a bit touchy when it comes to gender politics, but I hardly think a woman should be praised for lifting Rubbermaid bins during a move.

But I chose to laugh it off, because these men work on Army posts all day.  It is “PCS season” in the Army (and maybe other branches) so every cul-de-sac is jam-packed with moving vans and U-haul trucks. And if they haven’t realized it yet, they will soon realize that military wives are not-at-all-incapable of doing “mans work”.  And lifting heavy objects and sweating are ridiculously easy when compared to raising two children for months at a time single-handedly.  In my opinion.

But again, they are my new best friends and we worked through our differences carrying big boxes and laughing about how the youngest movers girlfriend kept calling him every 3 minutes.

Rant aside, I am pretty pleased with our progress and feel we will be resting  comfortably Sunday evening on our full-sized air mattress.  I have no desire to revisit the days of sleeping on a full-sized mattress, I think King-sized mattresses should be required by law when you sign your marriage license.   Again, my opinion.

In other  news…. I simply am not happy with my blog appearance. So I keep changing little things, but I feel a big change coming ( G made the logo above).

I also am getting rid of some of  my clothes, as they are now getting too big.  Woot!  I am still pressing on with dieting (moving is not making this easy), and am hoping I will be zipping up those pre-both-babies jeans around Christmas time.  Problem is… all I have been doing is holding cute babies lately… danger.




It’s officially Fall….

And that means one major thing here at the Blog-Frey’s.


And hunting is really more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Because I did not grow up knowing anyone who hunted anything, it has been a steep learning curve.

**Despite all this growth, I still feel the need to mention that I believe G does hunt in the most sportsman-like way possible. He only uses a bow, and does not waste what we kills.**

I, however, do not touch the stuff. It is hard enough for me to eat chicken when it is called by the specific body part ( breast, thigh, wing, leg, etc…)  It has taken me MANY years to come to terms with this, but I think I am doing a bit better.

As the Fall months approach, car ride conversations are strained and difficult ( you must be on the look-out).  Edging on dangerous if one is spotted, and said hunter whips the car to see the animal. I have always felt like I should not share my spottings ( safety), but in doing so it would too gross an act of cruelty ( to G). And I am being serious, people!

That is just the beginning really, but I digress.

He is a hunter. He loves it. It surpasses hobby, and can almost be spiritual. He sits in heat, sleet, snow and ice. It amazes me how deeply this hobby runs in him, in his family and in his hometown.  They speak their own language.

And while I do not speak this language, and would much prefer to take pictures of the pretty brown-eyed friends, I do appreciate his enthusiasm ( sometimes).

I took pictures while he was getting his stuff ready, and the kids were running around outside ( another thing I am trying to get on board with….)

Sweet Shot Day

You too can….

…put your toddlers on bungee cords, and for $8.00 your child will be rocketed towards the mall ceiling at alarming speeds for 3 solid minutes (a  5 minute option is available for you high-rollers) .

This barbaric ritual is quite exhilarating to a small child.  Rumors indicate that my man-child could have been seen riding these cords of fun today in a Super Man cape ( they are obviously in the care of Bampy and Grammy).  Which I find embarrassing, and ingenious at the same time.

I have much to say about our travels… but can’t seem to take a minute away from photo editing to do so… I haven’t gushed lately, but I seriously love my new camera.  It is only a shame that I can not use it to take a picture of itself… maybe with mirrors….

Topics coming up:

1. Florida trip

2. Preschool Orientation

3. Abby turns 3

4. My Bucket List

5. Con’t reasons I will not miss the South ( saving this up for a very hot day, to get maximum impact)

Have a great night!

G and I are without kids….so on our Friday night– he fell asleep at 7pm on the couch ( ruck marches and combatives) and I sit watching Army Wives and editting….. party animals.

A Story of Anxiety

In life, as my 30 years have shown me, the main story is between the lines.  And the sooner you can figure out how to manage what is between the lines, the faster you can get back to enjoying the ride.  Such is the story of our lives lately.  You see, when G joined the Army, we were prepared for a large amount of flexibility.  Live where the Army sends, when they send, and be ready to go where they need you.  And bit by bit we evaluated that.  Do we mind living where the Army sends us? Collectively, and with the exception of a few hot places, we agreed that we would be happy to move to near anywhere.  Easy.  Go when they send us? Sure! We can be ready to go pretty quickly, and are pretty flexible.  As for being ready when they need G, we both agree ( I think), that this is not really a situation one could prepare for, or be ready for, but we both were committed to enduring it.  So…. seems a perfect match, huh?  And in a lot of ways it is…. until you meet Hurry Up N. Wait… the main boss of all things.  Because in between the lines of moving, and serving and living in different places, there are days upon days of waiting.  Waiting for reservations, orders, real orders, houses to become available, spots to open up…. and it goes on and on.  And it is now, between the lines, that we live.

G graduated OCS in May.  We were told 3 weeks to find out where we would be on a more “permanent” basis.  Which was already a bit of a stretch, since a lot of his fellow grads were getting orders left and right, and the frenzy was contagious.  So we moved to Augusta, with that 3 week date looming over our heads.  At the 3 week mark, we e-mail Hurry Up N. Wait.  No response.  Wait a respectable amount of time, and call Ms. Wait….. another week, huh?  OK… so we head off for a weekend of fun.  Tuesday comes… the day we should know! Wooohooo!! Yes, I still really did think we would know then! I really did…. what kind of dumb person am I ? Maybe tomorrow… gotta be tomorrow.  Wednesday comes, and to our surprise we don’t get orders, but Ms. Wait does pick up her phone! Progress! Until… she delivers a death blow of anxiety…. 3-4 more weeks! She also casually mentions that we probably won’t get any of our top picks.  Thanks.

So, here I sit.  Am I OK with moving anywhere? Yep.  Anytime? Yep.  If it were only that easy.  But it is not.  It is all in what happens between.  Expectant checking of e-mail, and wondering, mixed with complete frustration with a person you have never met, but who controls your future.  Which I realize is pretty dramatic, and she hardly controls my future– but in the hours of checking e-mails, and waiting for phone calls it seems that way.  Having already ranted in a previous post ( The Waiting Place, don’t how to put a link thing) I won’t get too involved in my necessity of this information.  For the sake of stating the totally obvious, I have not yet learned how to manage this constant waiting.  I do enjoy G being home with us, and realize a new place with a new job may take him away from home more… but, I still want to know.


In other news, Jackson has better managed his anxiety and put his face in the water! Woohoo! I hope to take them to the pool later to test out his new skill.  He is just the cutest little thing, and would previously tell me that he ” just hasn’t learned to do his breaf, yet” matter-of-factly, when asked to try. 

For you…and me

Life is speeding along, and with work and babies and houses it seems that many moments are not able to make it into my long term memory. I wanted to write these down to make sure I don’t forget them.


current age: 3 and almost a half

loves: batman, spiderman, superman, larry boy and all things superhero related. Has started making up little stories with his ” guys”, loves to wrestle with Daddy- but still rocks at night with Mommy 🙂 He is getting very reasonable, enjoys talking things through and is starting to understand there is a real world, and a pretend world. Loves his sister completely, sort of knows he is supposed to watch out for her- though she finds great pleasure in finding ways to bug him.  Loves McDonalds “Donalds”, Chuck E Cheese ( bleh!), BAMPY, books and popsicles. And has a recent love of any costume, and spends most days as some superhero. Loves Preschool-which he calls High School.

does not love: red meat, the doctor, boo boo’s ( especially those red ants), isn’t quite as excited about bedtime anymore. Dislikes bad guys.

Never stops moving, unless a good show is on TV. Thank you Dora, and Diego.  Is starting to like puppies.

Is quite possibly the sweetest little boy I know, and is so very loved.

After saving Abby from a spider “Sister, you not even have to ever worry. I will save the day, and protect you!” ….. and we are certain she knows this is true.


current age: 2 and 2 months

loves: DORA, DORA, DORA…. her lala, an occassional paci and baboo ( bottle), bagels with cream cheese, ketchup! and spaghetti o’s. She is a little bundle of girlie sweetness( which my mother is beyond happy about). She sort of swishes through a room, and it is near impossible to not smile. She loves being the center of attention- sings, dances and twirls on command. Loves to color, carry around her babies and do everything her brother does.  Just learned how to jump with both feet, and is now running everywhere.  Will start hysterically laughing at random, which is very infectious. Loves goldfish, her bampy and purses. Is a daddy’s girl, and is well aware of his adoration. 

not so in love with: dr’s!! ( second ear surgery this past week…poor thing), antibiotics, anything Jackson does not love, bugs!, lizards– a good point to stop and mention how we will show her things she doesn’t like, because her “bleh” face and noises are hilarious, a complete production— big dogs, blue monkeys, going potty, getting her hair done, being outside in the heat and keeping her car seat shoulder straps on.

Abby is a talker! and has been for some time– and is always saying things that make us laugh. She is just girlie baby sweetness at its finest, and has personality in spades. She is a bit fiestier and maybe a bit more adventurous than her older brother, which I can’t say is disappointing to me.

Abby is heard saying: ” I love you so much”, ” On top of spaghhhhhetttiii….” and is a stickler for the blessing at meals. Also, ” I need to” ” I can do it” and ” just a minute”…. She is known to speak and wag that chubby little finger, or put her hands on her hips ( we are cracking down on this right after we get it on camera).  Oh… and she always says ” i need your tisses ( kisses)”  and we comply….always.


Pictures to come…. thanks for reading 🙂

Need to get moving….


Ever had so much to do, you do nothing?

Make list after list, and never start?

This is where I am…. our family has quite a few changes coming in the approaching months.  In fact, in one month! Greg has joined the Army, and will be headed out..err shipping out on November 16th. He will spend the next few months in Fort Sill, OK while in Basic Training. Oklahoma!  A fine musical, but not the most exciting of options. He will be there ( with the exceptions of a few weeks at Christmas) until February, when he will get to be a bit closer to home at Fort Benning, GA- the spot of his Officer Training Class.  And from there… who knows! And we say that happily, who knows! We are both very excited for the adventure ahead, and are quite optimistic. We have requested an equal number of foreign and American bases– Greg dreaming of the Colorado bases and the German bases near the Alps ( snowboarding galore).   While I am mainly excited with the moving, which is very strange to some- so when I am not posting these thoughts on the world wide web, I keep them to myself. Growing up, we moved often. Our longest stay was in NYC  from age 2-10…. then to CA, DC and back to NYC for another few years. I love moving. I love meeting all types of people, I love learning new cities and finding new favorites.  It is quite an undertaking to pack a house and get everything ready- but once I gain some momentum it will come together. I also love moving boxes, and the wrapping paper and those fun devices for taping boxes. My house will be streamlined and simplified, which is a beautiful byproduct of this experience. I like to think the same is true of the people who move. Every few years you have to take inventory, decide whats important, and pack it up or give it to Goodwill. 

More details on this great adventure are still to come….

There will be a great void in our home in the coming months, the kiddos will have to settle with just me.  I do not go “WEE” in the towel after bathtime, wrestle, chase, toss or play the same as Daddy. But they will be reminded often that Daddy is gone to take care of them. Luckily Greg was able to go in Nov., which means he will get to come home for Christmas- for 17 days! This is a huge thing, most folks have to go to 10 solid weeks, and he will come home after 5. Then the kiddos and I will load up in January, and then again in February, to Fort Sill to see him on weekends. I can’t wait to see if everything is in fact ” up to date in Kansas City”, because from hotel shopping, it does not appear to be the case.

What a life, huh?

I don’t want to spend Greg’s last few weeks with us at home stressed and packing and running around. We have some fun stuff lined up, and are enjoying some family time.

So… there it is! All my lists, and plans, and online research are sort of stalled at the moment. But we are excited.

We will own one someday.

seriously amazing.

seriously amazing.

I love hands, though my Mother's are the best.

I love hands, though my Mother's are the best.

Greg introduced me to Alyssa Monks tonight, and I am in Google heaven while he rests on the couch. I love it, simply love it. Every single one. Please enjoy.


Sorry for the slacking.

Today was a big day!!

Jackson and Abigayle loaded up two tacky and very commercial backpacks, and two lunch boxes and headed off to Pre-school. Pre-school, which is commonly referred to as High School around these parts. They did beautifully, and told me 2 stories and sang songs on our walk tonight. Abigayle says her teacher is “so nice and knows the ABC song”, Jackson says he “spilled his fruit cup juice, but his teacher knows Spiderman.” It is well.

I also started my first day of work! It was an interesting day to say the least. I would love to write a novel that only covers my first day. It will never mention the position, the location or the type of work– it wouldn’t have to. 

Do you ever have moments where you feel you are walking in slow motion? Trees are swaying, leaving a blur behind them? The people walking around you are silent? You don’t remember how you opened doors or found your seat, you just did. The details are less important than the feeling.  A feeling that bombards your senses and the oxygen you breathe, that is unavoidable.

This is how I felt, standing on the sunny white wall having my ID card picture taken looking at the 14 others who would join me on this journey.  I stood there wondering if they felt it too, the heaviness.

 This air is different from my recent job experiences, that circulated an invasive breeze.  The old  was a bit more inviting to breathe ( at first), carefully scented and temperature controlled.  It was flavored with delicious breads and jams, and happy to take up residence in your body.  

  But alas, my new job offers a chance at something different. This breathe does not hide itself, or disguise itself, or fool itself. It knows its place, its function and its purpose.  It is not cheerful or sweet, but it keeps my body going.  I breathed in this uninfectious breeze  for another 8 hours, and left with a new appreciation for the air outside. And this, my faithful readers, is better than a paycheck.

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions

Tomorrow is day two….

On other news, despite my  new job, I have ANOTHER job interview Thursday. This interview brings me great happiness and much hope.   And word has it, another interview like it is right behind it….

Also, it would be kind and good to mention that my husband caught a very large pig tonight. Correction, killed.  It was huge apparently. My vision of this includes a camo clothed man stalking the beast with bow and arrow, war paint melting.  The pig, err hog, putting up a good fight. Maybe some squealing, trash talk.  My vision ends like a game of Risk, war resolved- pieces put away- and no one bleeding.  You will have to ask him if this is the case, I don’t want to know the truth.


Tonight G and I headed down to a local festival on the beach, and while that was interesting ( from a people watching perspective) we decided to leave there and indulge in some dessert fondue.  This was an excellent decision. All in all it was a lovely night, and I expect it will only get better with my recent video rental: FLOW. Yay! I plan on taking a long shower before watching this one, as I imagine shame will prevent this afterwards.flow_logo_large