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SOOC…. I love this one, and when my computer resuscitates I will do some processing.

When I get overwhelmed, and my brain feels full, there is only one good solution.

Writing in list-form, and here it goes.

1.  The Blog-frey’s have landed in Colorado Springs, and are loving our new home.

2.  No… it hasn’t snowed.  It has, however, snowed at Fort Gordon where we just left in GEORGIA.  Whatever, let’s keep this positive.

3.  It is BEAUTIFUL here.  My backyard looks over the golf course, and we get to watch the sunset out my living room window.

4.  We would get to do that if we could sit down for 12 seconds.  Which we don’t get to do just yet.

5.  All that running around and activity has oddly placed 6 lbs on my body, I don’t get it either.

6.  Unintentional animal spottings are numerous and very exciting.  Coyotes live near the post hospital, and wander freely.   They are mange coyotes, which I learned is more of a disease than a criticism.  I also saw a ton of girl deer, and a large boy deer.  Still waiting on elk, moose and maybe a bear.  Luckily, there is a zoo up the road to fill in the gaps. 🙂

7.  Moving is a large task.  Moving with children is an even larger task.  Moving with children during Christmas is a monumentally large task.  Moving with children during Christmas when you are painfully neurotic about producing holiday magic is a near death experience.

8.  I love Chipotle.  I have heard the rumors of greatness, and it delivered.

9.  My husband has become an incredible asset in moves and home-creating.

10.  My children always have cuter rooms than I do, which according to some marriage book is not good.  Regardless, I am very pleased.

11.  I love Trees for Troops and the fabulous tree they donated to us, tied to our car and freshly cut.  We are very grateful for the money savings and convenience this year!

12.  Our home here  really feels like home, which is odd seeing as though we have lived here 10 days.

13.  The schools in town ( or lack of good options) caused a panic attack, but I have come back down and have some hope.




** Updated once I stole G’s computer.**

I stole G’s computer to reassure myself that it was my aging computer, and not my memory card.  This did not allow for any editing…but I feel better, anyway.

15.  I will be back to blogging more when my computer submits to my will and allows me to get my pictures. So until then…  the Blog-frey’s are happy, healthy and ready for Santa!




Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama


Zip Locked



Day 14



Today will go down as a success.

ALL the kiddos toys are sorted, organized(thrown away) and safely zipped up in their Zip-Locs or Target brand “zipper bags”.

And it feels good.

Except when I realize how many toys they really don’t play with, then it feels really gross.

I spent all morning organizing these bags(note the progression), because I aim to bring them down in rotations when we get to Colorado.  Opposed to the ridiculous piles of toys the children wade through now.

I have visions of “J go grab your zipped up Cars bag, and play nicely on the rug while I make dinner.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

” Ok, now zip those up and get ready for dinner”

“Sure thing, Mommy!”

See the dreams that are born of productivity?!?


Also tackled today:

1. Packed all cups/Tupperware/bakeware away and moved to paper products. (sorry Earth)

2.   Wrapped glasses in newspaper and duct tape…classy.

3.  Found the desk surface on G’s desk…. big project.

4.  Got library books ready for return.


Moving right along….now to just get my dryer fixed and we could put away linens and such.

We are going on Day  7 of no dryer…and it is getting bad in here.


Countdown: Days 21, 20, 19, 18

The following is a recipe for a successful “gear up to moving week”.

#1. Make sure your children get Strep.

#2. The lovely 48 hour cultures, since my children never test positive on the rapid test.  So the lovely Strep has 2 days to grow and torture, before meds are given.

#3. Get Strep yourself. Even when you don’t have tonsils.  Which seems both impossible and like a cruel joke.

#4. Pack up large bins and leave them in plain sight of said “sick children”.  Who rarely act sick, but can not go to pre-school.

#5.  Watch children unload and throw items with wild abandon as you lounge on the couch nearly incapacitated.

#6. Have your husband have to be at work at horribly early times, leaving him tired upon arrival.

Need I go on….

There has been accomplished to move this family across the country.

Including the things I have put on G’s list…just saying.

I will, however, commend G on tolerating me while I am sick.

Which is a fate worse than both children being sick.

I can be mean. And require A LOT of foot massages.

And I am sorry to lose focus, but I have been updating my picture files, and this was my little, tiny baby 3 years ago!!

You read that right….3 years ago!!!

I miss those big chubby cheeks. And pink knit hat.





We have been b.u.s.y!

This week delivered on action….

Flat tires… times 2….followed by the children’s college fund being used to get new tires …bleh

Lots of play time with neighbors … that my children will miss very much.

Photo shoot

Offered a house in Colorado …. more on this soon.

A shopping trip that resulted in 4 new jeans for me… in one trip! This sort of shopping karma does not come often! 

A growing awareness that G needs to be trained in chiropractic and massage care…. my back is sore… which only happens when I exercise ….. which leads me to believe it is not a good thing.

I want an old fashioned bicycle with a basket on front…. suggestions? ? ( sorry…. distracted)

Zero dinners made by me
… getting back in gear soon.

DITY move planned…. more on this 4 letter word soon.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin almost finished… brilliant.

Lots of research on Foster care and discussion on getting started in Colorado…. hopefully more to follow.

And a very entertaining trip to Fresh Market with my friend and our 6 children for pumpkins. (ABOVE) Where only two ended up crying….and they were both mine … because they wanted to keep playing with their friends!

OH!! I went to my first “flea” market today. And can happily report that I have not been missing anything. 
At all.

This will all get easier again when my laptop is resurrected… the space bar is broken…. currently reporting from my phone, in bed, when I should be sleeping.

Sweet Dreams

That’s it.  This chair wants me.   I have seen it now in 2 shows on TV…well not the exact chair, but its close relatives.

I won’t allow myself to consider how quickly my children would turn it into an acrobatic device.  Or what housing might say when we anchor a chair into an Army ceiling.

I wonder if the pillow comes with it?



Children’s Play Area

I like how organized ” Children’s Play Area” sounds.  It makes it seem like children, and their toys, can actually be contained to a play area.  And since that is what Pottery Barn sells me as truth, it must really happen. And I am determined to bring it here!

In my ever-evolving realization that homemaking is not the career for me, I decided to simplify what seemed like a failed pursuit to establish control over the house.  This is our first time in a two-story house, and I was thrilled at first to have the little- people- gear (lpg) upstairs, and out of sight.  However, this dream vanished quickly ( as most dreams do), and the toys began their descent into the grown-up region.  I quickly realized my desire for separating the children’s stuff and grown-up stuff resulted in everybody having stuff everywhere….which drives me crazy.

Because this house has become my job ( this is hard for me to say). And it’s condition, for better or worse, seems to fall under my job description.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay home to raise my children.  Shape their little minds, teach them to read, take trips to the zoo and museums, read books and really get to know them as people. Tragically,  this seems to represent a lower percentage of my job than I envisioned. And laundry, meals, folding, organizing, decorating, cleaning, and blogging seems to have taken over . 🙂

I am not a compulsively neat person. In fact, I can thrive a mess of my own creation. A made bed looks lovely, and is a nice touch to the day, but I will quickly jumble the covers up before I can sleep.    I do not have to have a place for every little thing, but when faced when the LARGE quantities of stuff the little people have collected, I am forced to become obsessive.

This is phase 1 of the revamp. The lpg is all downstairs now. We had a bunch of spare room in our downstairs living/dining/office/who knows what to do with all this random space area. So the lpg came down, and upstairs is just for sleeping. And so far, on day 3, I am pleased.

We will be taking pictures of what toys go on which shelf, and in which box shortly, and then they will be responsible for handling the goods. If not,  there will be a sad consequence.

TOY TIME OUT! ( the basket on top of the shelves) Where toys found on the floor, or in unauthorized areas go to think about what they have done.

I will keep you posted on how this works. And since we have 60 days from until we move to CO, it feels a bit like a random project.  But my insanity is not on the Army’s schedule.

Job Description Needed….

It is Friday, which means both of my babies will be off to school in a few minutes, and I will have 4 hours of solitude.  And I find that my new-found freedom leaves me wondering….because wondering, after all, is better than doing dishes. 🙂

What do stay-at-home-moms with school-age children do?

Do you use this time to run errands that might be time-consuming with the little people on board?

Do you deep clean? Organize? Scrub baseboards?

Clean kids rooms while they are away?

Take some time for yourself? Read a book? Work on a hobby? Watch something other than Max and Ruby?

Go out with friends? Go to the mall? Find a nice coffee shop and be an adult?

I only have this complete freedom 3 times a week.  And it is only 4 hours, which feels like a real-time 45 minutes….But I am very curious about how women spend their days….

Help a sister out.