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The new blog is up!

I am very excited.

You can now find me at

I am still learning…and tinkering…but very excited!

See you there 🙂


He Smiles

He smiles.

Not much today, especially this morning, but he does in fact smile.

His list of complaints today ranged from not getting a Happy Meal  to not wanting to rest.

There were many, and all were made plenty loud.

But, with a superhero cape and some time on the swing all is well.

Mommy gets a smile.

And he gets to practice what he aspires to be most… a superhero flying in the air.

I can’t decide if my favorite part of this is her expression, or the fact her fancy bejangled shoes are on the wrong foot.

Both my children NEVER wear there shoes on the correct feet.

And when we fix them, they say it “feels funny”.

She is learning how to swing on the big girl swing, which is adorable.

But, if you ask me, she is still too little. 🙂

SOOC Sunday



Ni Hao Y'all


The Sunday Creative

** for those waiting to hear about countdown Day 16 and 15…know this…I have not inhaled through my nose in 4 days.  Which means I haven’t slept, or tasted food.  All this to say…. packing is halted until such time as I can breathe again.  **

Countdown: day 17


I still am suffering from this sickness / worst exhaustion ever-faced-by-any-human-to-date.
But still I managed,aided by my 3 naps and sleeping babies and a hubby that was out, to start getting things in boxes.
My first area to tackle was the kids toys.  This is done first because limitations on the number of things they have to scatter about only further opens my day to packing. 
I also partially unloaded the storage closet.
All the while I am trashing and organizing.
Zip loc bags are my bestest of friends.

So I can now check off: organization of kids school/art stuff
Special papers to save
Junk drawer
Books and puzzles

Now for some more sleep.

Current symptoms are: unbelievable thirst
Extreme fatigue
Stuffy nose

Please diagnose me. 

Flashback Friday


Photo link: —- via android app [Picasa Tool Pro]

Did you know they let 13 year holds get married? ?? Sheesh we look young.  Organizing our 7000 pictures on my C drive today….and found this shot circa 2004.

Hope your day was great!!

Check out Flashback Friday for more pics 🙂

“Today”…. An Epic Story

It’s hard to explain where sanity ends and insanity begins, especially today. 
So tonight I leave you with the “highlight” reel.
1.  G let me sleep until 8 and got clothes/lunches ready.  Pro
2.  J began stripping his already chosen clothes. 34 seconds after G left.  Con
3.  1.25 hour cry-a-thon about going to preschool .  Con
4.  Missed dental appointment.   Con
5.  Stake out of preschool recess.  Con
6.  Getting kids from school early.   Pro turned con.
7.  Boycotted speech therapy appointment.   Con
8.  NO nap.  CON
9.  No haircut.   Con
10.  Playing with neighbors.   Pro
11.  Homemade Margarita.   Pro

Going to sleep… hope your Wednesday was better.
I wouldn’t know as I had no computer time either ….con.

* I did, however,  read a friends blog that made me laugh… a lot.  She blogs at… pro

What are your favorite parenting books? ?

I can’t blog….

I have noticed that I simply can’t blog with hives all over my face.  Which makes no sense.  Because you can’t see me, I hope. 
Today I brought the kids to school.   In one of the worlds more cruel gestures, little A forgot her lunch in the car.  This. Has. Never.  Happened.  All. Year.
I go inside.
Walking boldly. 
After all, it’s just a face.
Not what’s important. 
So I walked confidently.
Until people stopped me….
” oh no…are you crying????”
Ummmmm no….
“Did you get burned????”
Nooo….( would you really stop and ask someone this???)
” Oh man.  Did you guys over sleep this morning? ?”
Whoa now…
The last one was the lowest blow.  Because now I wonder if the plague-face is a natural deviation from my normal face…..

Here I lay


Drugs flowing in… no idea what my hives are.   
Here’s to hoping.
And probably finishing “The Lovely Bones “.