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My mother is pretty much the best Grammy around.  She loves her grandbabies “more than cupcakes” as J says, and spends a good deal of time making sure they have everything they want/need/desire.  My little ones adore her and ask me daily if she can come visit in CO.  A only sleeps on the right side of her bed, because she is “saving some room” in case Grammy comes over.

Hanna Anderson is a Swedish clothing store for children and adults and is home to some of the most adorable clothes.  Their clothes are simple and colorful and last forever.

The combination of these two make pictures like these possible. 🙂

My kids always act like this, don’t yours?  I do really love how peaceful they both look.  J has always been his sister’s biggest snuggler.

He loves her so very much.  It really is amazing to me sometimes.  Because you can’t really teach that, he just loves her.

I love this picture.  I think I will call it “Joy and Sadness”.   A is in a mothering stage, and Frances is the baby.  Frances does not want to be the baby, or be on a hike.  She wants to be asleep on a comfy blanket.  Poor doggie staring off with her defeated gaze.

So, again, thanks to Grammy for being you and http://www.hannaanderson.com for being awesome.

I have more from this group, trying to have some self-control until they are all edited.  🙂

Sweet Shot DayPhotobucket

Reason for the Season

Well it has been awhile since I have been blogging.  The move kept us busy for a while, and with Christmas upon us I have been pretty occupied!

I am not really inclined to do a big review of what has been going on — because that would bore you all to tears.  We have been unpacking, exploring Colorado Springs and getting ready for the man in the red suit.   The children are very excited, and ask almost hourly when Santa will be here. Does he know our new address?   Do I think they will make the nice list?

I have attempted to train, guide, persuade them that Christmas ( or any holiday) is not a time of reckless greed and mile-long manifestos.  That we should think of others and their wants, desires and mile-long manifestos and be thoughtful.  They enjoy my allegories, and listen intently.  Then tell me  they need to go on http://www.amazon.com and look at stuff.  That’s right.  They say w w w . amazon . com  — and they are 4 and 3.   And while I try to model behavior that is productive, I can not claim to succeed with consistency.  Because I starting seeing things, too.  Wonderful things.  Like new computers and camera lenses.  Oh the lenses!  And camera bags that look like purses!  And then we all sort of lose focus and head to the kitchen and bake something.

And while baking today, I was thinking about what really makes this season “most wonderful.”   And the thing that really occurred to me, speaking on a very basic level, is gingerbread man shaped waffles.


That’s right.  Waffles.

What other time of year do you cut waffles into shapes?  What other time of year do you sit your two pre-school age children down and make homemade wrapping paper?  With paints!

It is all these things.  The waffles, the baking and even the time sitting on http://www.amazon.com together that make this season so special.

And I really do think that this magical time is being spoiled by stores putting stuff out in October… because the stamina required to

create this magic can not be maintained over 12 weeks!

Like cutting sponges into stars and trees.

And then practicing the painting.

And doing the painting.

And cleaning up  the painting…which is why there is no actual photos of completed homemade wrapping paper.

And even shopping in long lines to buy a gift for someone who may get overlooked at times.  I am glad we settled enough in the house to do these fun extras.

And even if the children don’t remember them or can’t stop fixating on the toys, I know I will.


** G is busy at work designing my new blog!! I want to put the link up so badly, because he did great.  But alas, he says it will ruin the presentation.  But soon!!!!**

A brief break from chaos….

I am literally being swallowed alive by boxes.

(Well not boxes, G is the world’s biggest fan on Rubbermaid bins.  So we have about a million.)

And worse than that, I am being overcome by the 500 or so spare pieces of stuff that has no box to call itself home.

G is still in the field.  So I am working solo, which is actually my preference in such matters.

But I was happy to stop to link up with Faith at Simplicity…because “Daydream” is a perfect thing to think of on such days. It is rather inspiring always to see such pretty things, but even more so when you are surrounded by such a mess.

And I also wanted to mention, that my picture of my little nephew Coleman was chosen as a favorite over at Trendy Treehouse.  Woot!


I have about a zillion pictures from 3 recent photo shoots, but can not allow myself to get started on this!

I will be loaded up and out of here Monday, so next week I hope to put them up.

This week at Trendy Treehouse it’s “birthdays”…

That little turkey naturally encourages me to want to go out and find the BEST present ever.

Because if a Sleeping Beauty coloring pack earned this face, imagine what something really awesome would produce.

This is a good time to mention the little ones just left on a surprise trip to the Magic Kingdom with my parents.

The kids don’t know yet… can you imagine her face when they pull up?!?!!?



He Smiles

He smiles.

Not much today, especially this morning, but he does in fact smile.

His list of complaints today ranged from not getting a Happy Meal  to not wanting to rest.

There were many, and all were made plenty loud.

But, with a superhero cape and some time on the swing all is well.

Mommy gets a smile.

And he gets to practice what he aspires to be most… a superhero flying in the air.

I can’t decide if my favorite part of this is her expression, or the fact her fancy bejangled shoes are on the wrong foot.

Both my children NEVER wear there shoes on the correct feet.

And when we fix them, they say it “feels funny”.

She is learning how to swing on the big girl swing, which is adorable.

But, if you ask me, she is still too little. 🙂

SOOC Sunday



Ni Hao Y'all


The Sunday Creative

** for those waiting to hear about countdown Day 16 and 15…know this…I have not inhaled through my nose in 4 days.  Which means I haven’t slept, or tasted food.  All this to say…. packing is halted until such time as I can breathe again.  **

Countdown: Days 21, 20, 19, 18

The following is a recipe for a successful “gear up to moving week”.

#1. Make sure your children get Strep.

#2. The lovely 48 hour cultures, since my children never test positive on the rapid test.  So the lovely Strep has 2 days to grow and torture, before meds are given.

#3. Get Strep yourself. Even when you don’t have tonsils.  Which seems both impossible and like a cruel joke.

#4. Pack up large bins and leave them in plain sight of said “sick children”.  Who rarely act sick, but can not go to pre-school.

#5.  Watch children unload and throw items with wild abandon as you lounge on the couch nearly incapacitated.

#6. Have your husband have to be at work at horribly early times, leaving him tired upon arrival.

Need I go on….

There has been nothing.nada.zilch.zero accomplished to move this family across the country.

Including the things I have put on G’s list…just saying.

I will, however, commend G on tolerating me while I am sick.

Which is a fate worse than both children being sick.

I can be mean. And require A LOT of foot massages.

And I am sorry to lose focus, but I have been updating my picture files, and this was my little, tiny baby 3 years ago!!

You read that right….3 years ago!!!

I miss those big chubby cheeks. And pink knit hat.





Grab a pumpkin

a little person

and your camera, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, to wrangle the man child for a shot.  May have to offer him a chance to



jump on

or destroy said pumpkin.

But I will press on.

** Gymboree has in no way, EVER contributed any money to the advertising of their products (or to me).  However, the little lady is dressed from head to toe (seen and unseen, if you know what I mean) in Gymboree.**

Uneditted  shot below..not dramatic but  some little boosts that make a big difference, I think. For more edits check out Pixel Perfect


Watch out World



Cropped and then a very quick Totally Rad Action in Crystal Ship….I really,really love these actions.

I wonder most days if the world is really ready  for this little lady…but then I remember the world has a few years left to prepare.

We plan on keeping her awhile.


Before and After…and Halloween Sneak Peak

Totally Rad Actions just released the Lightroom presets, which makes me very happy and my Christmas list one item longer!

This was taken with my Canon 50d, 50mm

ISO was 1000 ( and I was so nervous, because she was ripping the box open while I was trying to get set up)

F/ 2.0 and Shutter at 1/200

For anyone just starting out on manual, that means nothing…but it was indoors ( obviously) and in late afternoon with no direct light.  I am pretty happy with my 50d at ISO 1000…  the new action was a freebie from TRA to show his new Lightroom sets.  I believe this was Brightside.  And while I am not on his advertising team, I am pretty impressed he put 3 different modes in each action ( light, medium and strong).  This was medium.  Cropped. And done.

I will take my hubby’s laptop hostage soon to Photoshop the top corner, and maybe do some eye popping. 🙂

This is little Miss, in her new Halloween costume.  Complete with light-up Cinderella glass slippers.  Courtesy of Walt Disney and my parents.


For a Monday when your 3 year old refuses to: put on shoes, brush her teeth, get her blue folder and complete any task requested.

I know I have said this before, and I guess it is annoying to keep repeating, but something happened to this little lady when she turned 3!

It is not an all day problem, but it is such a shift to her easy-going personality. Well, this morning it was an all-morning problem. And I happily drove away from the preschool car line for a few minutes of respite from the boss woman.

Black and White….and then Goodnight

Against all my better judgement, I stayed up too late last night watching Straight Talk with Dolly Parton. Which was not a total loss, because I have a strange love of her ( and Bob Marley…hmmmm).

So I am forcing myself to go to bed early tonight…but I just had to post this of the littlest one. She has a cold, and this tends to make her bounce between extremes. Constant whining and ridiculous behavior….to complete adorableness.

the long road