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Sunday Scavenger Hunt


1. Pink


Abby is enjoying my new cricut as much as I am. Woot!

2. Books


J's idea of doing schoolwork.

3. Fall Colors


Oh how I love the browns and golds of Fall.

4. Leaf


So happy to see those leaves turning green after a LONG Georgia summer.

5. Orange


When you are stricken with a strange hive plague, orange is the name of the game.






Fall Frenzy at Skinned KneesMellowYellowMondayBadgePhotography love...


I got a ticket today.  Something about not having a properly registered “vehicle”.  “Vehicle” is the word preferred by law enforcement when they are about to make you pay money.

Jackson is certain I am going to jail, thanks to last week being “Safety Week” at preschool.

Abby made sure to tell the policeman that she almost called him last week when I ran a red light.

Thanks to my handy-dandy Droid, I registered my tags online before he could even scribble out the ticket.


But more important than any other thing I could share is this: IT HAS BEEN 70 degrees ALL DAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This alone brings more joy than any ticket could steal.  Because you can’t be sad when it’s so incredibly perfect outside.   And when the little lady wakes up, we will disappear outside until the sun goes down.  I may even bring my quilt and my new book.


I am approaching week 7 of my diet,  healthy eating purposeful eating journey.

I am eating intentionally. Sounds strange, but it is the only way I can describe my recent “dieting” technique.

And before I eat, I consider what sort of fuel my body needs.  It has actually worked brilliantly!  Not just for weight loss, which it has definitely helped, but mostly for my sanity. I think about what I eat more, but think about eating far less.

And I don’t cheat, because I would only be cheating myself, which seems self-destructive.

It has been pretty revealing to track and consider eat bite.  Not just for my eating habits, but for my life in general.   I am sure I will blog about this more, but have hesitated because I don’t want to get stuck in a race to a number. Because it is not about that.

And how I have come to love apples.  They are delightfully sweet, and filling and provide a little energy kick in the late afternoon.

If only I could get my hands on some Harry and David pears….mmmmmm

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