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My mother is pretty much the best Grammy around.  She loves her grandbabies “more than cupcakes” as J says, and spends a good deal of time making sure they have everything they want/need/desire.  My little ones adore her and ask me daily if she can come visit in CO.  A only sleeps on the right side of her bed, because she is “saving some room” in case Grammy comes over.

Hanna Anderson is a Swedish clothing store for children and adults and is home to some of the most adorable clothes.  Their clothes are simple and colorful and last forever.

The combination of these two make pictures like these possible. 🙂

My kids always act like this, don’t yours?  I do really love how peaceful they both look.  J has always been his sister’s biggest snuggler.

He loves her so very much.  It really is amazing to me sometimes.  Because you can’t really teach that, he just loves her.

I love this picture.  I think I will call it “Joy and Sadness”.   A is in a mothering stage, and Frances is the baby.  Frances does not want to be the baby, or be on a hike.  She wants to be asleep on a comfy blanket.  Poor doggie staring off with her defeated gaze.

So, again, thanks to Grammy for being you and http://www.hannaanderson.com for being awesome.

I have more from this group, trying to have some self-control until they are all edited.  🙂

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