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Wee Bit

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?

No! But we did get a free tree from FedEx’s Trees for Troops!  It is beautiful, and took about 2 minutes to go pick up.  A complete win.

{two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?

I love driving around looking at lights, and all the baking!

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?

As a little one, we BEGGED my Dad to let us open one.  He would make us write up contracts, and sign them to secure a present.  Which was almost always a book, PJ’s or a calendar.  Not sure what we are going to do with our little people yet.

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?

I think around 7.  It was a bit of a relief.  This city girl was not OK with the idea of a man breaking and entering.

{five} do you fill stockings?

I have not done a ton of that yet, but will this year.

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?

Mainly store bought…but if Etsy counts, then we will have lots of handmade gifts going out this year.

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?

My mothers cheese potatoes… heavenly.

{eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?

It is real and full and wonderful this year.  We usually had real trees growing up, and the smell makes it all worthwhile.

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?

O Come All Ye Faithful or Jesus, What a Wonderful Child

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?

No, but I have not given up yet! The move has me behind, but I will catch up!


*** WE are in Colorado!!!! Pics are soon to come.  We sign our house lease tomorrow morning, and will spend all of tomorrow moving in.  I hope to be back and running in the next few days.  The highlights are: extreme beauty, way too much food, seeing old friends, and all the fun possibilities in the next few years!!! ***


{one} if you were going to a remote place and could only bring one CD, what would it be?

Hmmm… I am not good at limiting myself.  But, I think that I could get by with a great soundtrack.  Which one, I simply do not know.  I rather love the PS I Love You track though.

{two} are you generally more of an optimist, pessimist, or realist?

I don’t actually think people can honestly answer this about themselves, mainly because each “title” has a bit of a stigma attached.  I don’t want to say I am a head-in-the-clouds optimist, or a Debby-downer pessimist.. and honestly, a realist just seems to be a bit bland.  But, if I had to pick, I would say realist.

{three} have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? if not, would you?

No, I would not. NO, you should not. NO, I will not.

However, that being said, I sort of admire the audacity of both traveller and transporter.  And in a perfect world, I think it would be a great kindness, and chance to experience different people.  But, if you knew my mother, you would know that she dedicated her life to ensuring I would not do such things, the world is full of creeps after all.

{four} what spice or seasoning is your favorite?


And since it’s the season of decadence, let’s say Cinnamon Sugar….. delightful.

{five} what’s your birthstone? do you like it?

June…the pearl.


{six} do you know what your name means?

Brittany= Being from Brittany (France)… my whole existence is a lie.

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I am not a cereal eater.  I will eat it dry, but will not ever eat with milk.  To munch on, I prefer Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

{eight} if there was an extra hour in each day, what would you spend it doing?

Probably much of the same, though I like to think that I would work out or read more.

{nine} if you could turn any book into a movie, which would it be?

The Little Prince… is this a movie? If so, I have not had the privilege.

{ten} if you could go back and play out one day of your life to watch (like scrooge), what day would it be?

I think it would be the day I had my babies.  You want to be so present, but frankly, delivering a baby doesn’t allow for such perspective.  I would love to have seen it all, I didn’t have many pictures of me and the brand new babe, so it would be a great memory.

Hello…Wee Bit

*** I will return to the world of blogging in the next week or so… We are currently in Phase 2 of the Great Move of 2010… We are officially out of Georgia, and in Florida visiting family for the holiday. G and I will be making our 3 day journey West starting Sunday!! We sign our lease on December 3rd, and will be back in the swing of things!

I am still sane… and having a nice visit… people keep talking about Christmas…and I don’t understand… I thought everyone knew we were moving.  And thus, everything( including time) should halt until we have more time.

{one} what kind of camera do you have?

A Canon 50d… and I love it.  I need to name it.

{two} you just won $1000 and you have to spend it on yourself on one item. what do you buy?

Hmm… I think I might buy an Ipad… or a new laptop… or a new lens.

{three} if you had to choose, would you rather live with your parents in the same house forever or 5000 miles away?

Oh dear… I would say…since I am married and have two kids and each of those relationships require my complete attention… I would opt for 5000 miles.  But I am also secure in knowing that my parents would be in constant communication, and would visit often.

{four} is your christmas tree up yet?

Not yet… we need to get in our house first.

{five} do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store?

No..but I plan on it…and can’t resist buying them whenever the chance is available.

{six} which would be worse: listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or having to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life?

I think both would be equally annoying..since both are needed to agree with the mood of the day…but the food thing could get really bad.

{seven} name 3 things you are thankful for this season.

I am thankful for family, healthy children and a world of possibilities.

{eight} do you dye/highlight your hair? if so, do you do it yourself or have it done at the salon?

Yes…only at a salon… I am not a risk taker. 🙂 I probably only have it highlighted once a year though… but have a strong desire to dye it dark brown with a hint of red… not sure if I am brave enough.

{nine} would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater?

A theater… I love going to the movies…shows…theater… I just love going out.

{ten} would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million all at once?

1000 a week.  That way I could indulge regularly, but not lose my mind. And it would be like winning every week!


{one} have you ever seen a ghost?


{two} when was the last time you dressed up for halloween?

I don’t know.  I vaguely recall some Pimp and Ho Parties in college, but I don’t think I have dressed up since then.  I was a wee-bit tempted to be a nun when I was expecting. 🙂

{three} what’s your favorite candy?

Tootsie rolls have been appearing often in my thoughts lately.  I am not a huge candy person, but I do love Swedish Fish.

{four} did you have a favorite costume growing up?

Let be start by mentioning that there is nothing in this world (physical world) that I loathe more than BEES.  That being said, I very much enjoyed dressing up like one when I was a little thing.  And A carried on the tradition last year.  Maybe I will bring it back… next year… I am going to need a whole year to get my yoga on big-time.

{five} did you carve pumpkins this year?

Not yet, but I think it is going to happen tomorrow.

{six} what’s your favorite scary movie?


My mother, being the profound woman she is, has always told us to not put things like that in our heads.  Because when you are old and senile you want only good things to think about.  Which I find a lovely thought.  And it gives me a really prolific sounding excuse for being too scared to watch.

{seven} haunted houses or corn mazes?

Corn Mazes…. very much enjoy. Haunted houses are a bit sweaty to me.  So many people are there, crowded in hallways and tiny rooms with fake steam and smelly face paints. And then, when you are adjusted to the stank of strangers, crazy looking people start jumping out. Nope, not for me.

{eight} are you superstitious?

I say no… but I might need to say yes.  I have certain things I do, in situations where I am nervous. For example, I am not a real nervous traveller, but have a sort of “taking off” routine.  Not sure I think anything bad will happen if I don’t, but also not willing to find out.

{nine} have you ever owned a black cat?

Black and white as a child.  Maybelleine- she looked like she had eye liner. On the note of #9, I will notice if a black cat walks in front of me or my car.

{ten} what are you plans for this coming halloween?

Well the U.S. Army celebrates Halloween on October 29th, Friday.  So we will go Trick-or-Treating with our friends in the neighborhood.  Saturday we have a costume party, and then Sunday we will probably take the kids to the festival at their school.  Then Monday, I will put all the candy in a bag and throw it away. 🙂




{one} have you ever crawled through a window?

I am sure I have.  My mother is convinced I was sneaking out during my late teenage years, but the truth (as paranoid as it may sound) is that I did not.  One episode of Ameria’s Most Wanted prevented any wandering into the darkness.

I am sure I have crawled through a window before, but would probably not attempt this now.

{two} what’s one subject that you wish you knew more about?

Oh…Good one! I can not think of a single subject I do not want to know more about.

But… I do really want to learn another language.  I can get by in Spanish, but I want to learn something I love (which is very Eat,Pray, Love of me).  I am leaning towards French, which was almost solidified when I heard A singing “Frere Jacques”.  I think speaking, reading and dreaming in French would be delightful.

It also will come in handy when I am sitting in a French cafe enjoying my delicious French food, and drinking my divine French wine.

{three} who’s your favorite villain?

Dexter will rate pretty high on this list.  That show is really interesting to me, and I love when any book/show/film can make me like what is not natural to like.

I wish I could think of a female villain that I love, but honestly most female villains are irritating.  Using their body, sexuality or charm to work their evils.  It is just so typical.  But, if you know of any great female villains, pass them along.  🙂

{four} have you ever hit a jackpot on a slot machine?

No, but I wont BINGO on a cruise once.  It was both exciting and humiliating to yell “Bingo”.

{five} what is your favorite disney movie?

“Beauty and the Beast”…hands down.

The children just got it, and I just love the messages and the music.

{six} if the whole world were listening, what would you say?

“Come on people now, smile on your brother….everybody get together and try to love one another….right…now”

…  I have no idea.

{seven} if you could choose one song to describe you or your life, what would it be?

Hmm…. I can’t deny my deep, deep love of Janis Joplin, and while I have not reached her heights of bitterness (some may argue this point), a good dose of “Bobby McGee” and “Piece of my Heart” are always spirit lifting.

Directly opposing that is my love for Beyonce’s ” If I Were a Boy” and some Regina Spektor with “Samson” and “Fidelity”….

Not sure any “describe” me life, but I appreciate them all for very particular reasons.

In college a boy dedicated a Garth Brooks song describing “me”, but I can’t remember the name( “..She’s fire and ice…” for your country lovers).  I do, however, feel a special fondness for “Sail my Vessel”  courtesy of Mr. Brooks.

{eight} your desk: messy or organized?

I don’t have a desk, but if I did, it would probably be messy.  If not messy, a bit cluttery.

{nine} have you ever had surgery?

I had my tonsils out when I was 20, after a bad bout of mono.  This one illness, or time in my life, would have a large impact down the road.

*** Public Service Announcement- remove the children’s tonsils early if they cause problems, it is FAR less pleasant at 20.***

{ten} if you could have any animal as a pet, what would you have?

A horse.  And someone to keep,clean and care for said horse.

I would love to be able to take off on a nice horseback ride whenever the whim struck.

Your turn…..



{one} have you ever milked a cow or a goat?

That is most definitely a no.  I am certain I would not ever try to milk a goat, but with the proper overalls and pigtails I may be willing to attempt a cow. Maybe.  But then I could most certainly not drink that milk.  It is a bit too organic.

{two} what sound does your alarm make when it goes off in the morning?

It, and by it, I really mean they are usually jumping on my bed attacking poor Frances.  Frances, the dog, who since her arrival has decided she should sleep in my bed.  I have been alarm clock free since 4-26-06 when dear J made his appearance.

{three} chocolate milk or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate…mmmmm

{four} what is one of the quirkiest things about you?

Quirky is really only “quirky” in movies, where it is endearing and cute.  I think in real life, and in real marriage, quirky turns to “weird” at a rapid rate.  I digress though…

I would say have some issues with words.  If a word offends me, and many do, I just make up a new one. Which is really more than quirky, but a public service.

{five} are you more like your mom or your dad?

I think I have a pretty good dose of both.

My dad would say I am like my Mom, and my Mom would say I am like my Dad.

My father is a force of nature when it comes to getting stuff done, being responsible/reasonable/logical/smart/ethical.  He is also very thoughtful, and remembers even small details.  He is rather remarkable.  I definitely acquired his less emotional and more logical side.  And, I can have moments, of extreme efficiency and get-stuff-done-edness.  I would say he and I are pretty similar, and we can both drive people nuts with our not sitting still and wanting to “get going” type personalities.  Especially when under the same roof.

He is a remarkable Dad, and Bampy, so I am happy to have the chance to let some of that “stick”.

My mother is saintly at times in her ability for self-sacrifice and concern for others.  She is funny/witty/smart/curious/duty-bound/moral/emotional and determined.  She can be definitely be a force to reckon with, especially when it comes to her people. She is very invested in the lives of people she meets, and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t like her.   I definitely got my concern for people, and love of the under dog from my Mom ( though a watered down version of what she posseses.)

She is the model of what children want as a mother, so I am very glad my little ones get to have her for a Grammy.  And they are too.

{six} do you sleep with the tv on?

Not usually.  We have a TV in our room, but it is rarely on.  However, when G is not home, I will have it (and all the lights) on, for sure.

{seven} if you were a crayon, what color would you be?

My favorite color is green, but I think I would want to be pink.  Nobody fights over green.

{eight} ross, joey, or chandler?

I don’t know if I am ready to say this.  But, I never watched Friends.

There, it is said.  From my limited knowledge I think I would want to be Chandler though.

{nine} do you play any musical instruments?

When using the word “play” very, very loosely I could claim the piano.  I took lessons when I was little. And can whip out my 2 recital songs.

{ten} what’s the worst thing you’ve ever cooked/baked?

Oh…hmmm… I can’t remember making anything that was terrible….but I do know I make a whole lot of “eh”.

Wee Bit of me Friday

{one} what is your biggest pet peeve?

Hmm…. this is not hard to define, but rather hard to explain.  I have issues with noise. Sometimes they can be masked, other times they can cause problems. For example, any saliva-like sound while chewing gum/eating/kissing/talking/nail biting/scratching/WHISTLING!! will force me to leave the room. This can apply to people sitting behind me in movie theaters eating popcorn.  I hear the sound, and literally fixate on the awfulness of the disturbance and can barely focus on the task at hand.

This also applies to people who sing over the radio.  I know this doesn’t make me popular, or even fun to be around, but I feel better getting it out.

{two} what is your favorite dessert?

I really do enjoy a nice bowl of Vanilla ice cream.  However, I do need to mention the Vanilla ice cream with port wine I had in New Orleans again, because it did change my life.

{three} what is the first thing you notice about people?

The way they talk about life/others/their children/work/themselves.  If they talk about money a lot. If they are dogmatic in any direction. None of these are deal breakers, they just stick with me a long time.

I don’t really notice one single feature, but more of a “feeling”.

I have fairly a high opinion of myself in terms of my ability to trust this instinct, and get quite upset when it is wrong.

{four} are you usually late, early or right on time?

Late. Not terribly so, but I really do not like being early.

{five} have you ever fired a gun?

I am not sure. I have fired a BB gun at my grandpa’s house in NC circa 1990.  I don’t like them, really. I am not a huge fan of even moving ours from place to place.  G wanted to get me one, for myself, when he is gone. This made me laugh.  I am about 97.2% certain I could not shoot anyone.  To which people think ” what if they were hurting your baby??” and I am not sure, seeing as though I still harbor ill thoughts towards a 3 year-old who purposefully made A fall at school today, it may be possible.  However, I am not sure my children’s health or psyche would profit any  knowing their Mommy killed/maimed someone.  I know mine wouldn’t.

I apologize for the confusion many are suffering while reading this, knowing I am married to a hunting soldier.

{six} are you right-handed or left-handed?

Right-handed…. does that say something about me?

{seven} which do you prefer: coke or pepsi?

Coke….Diet… and it is a BIG problem.  Do not believe the hype… it in NO way protects ones figure to go Diet.  Yet, I still drink.

eight} do you dance crazy when no one is looking?

Crazy? No.  Awesome? Yes.

J and I have been waltzing around the house since he was about 6 months old, A joins in now.

There is no shame in my game here people.

Turn on some Black Eyed Peas, and watch out!

{nine} what’s your favorite movie snack?

Oh my.  Movie theater popcorn used to be a dream.  But, it simply is the most horrible food choice one could make for their body.  So, I bring along an apple or a chocolatey protein bar.  This was not easy for the first few times.

In fact, the first time I went and did not get popcorn was to see Eat, Pray, Love.  Which I find very meaningful.

{ten} do you scream on roller coasters?

No. When faced with extreme emotional, I become silent. Fear/anger/love/happiness/excitement = quiet. Makes no sense.